Are you tweeting your investors?

tweet investors

How companies communicate with investors has changed. In this short video Elizabeth Blankespoor, assistant professor at Stanford, explains how smaller firms can benefit from using Twitter:

Got some news that the market should know about, tweet it. According to Elizabeth, it works and is actually  an effective way of reaching investors.

Twitter should be taken seriously

A  lot of new technology is being dismissed because it’s not the way it used to be done and definitely not the normal way of communicating with investors.

A study done at Stanford, however, shows that Twitter works very well indeed. The more invisible your company is to media outlets the more important Twitter is for you. So if you are a start-up or an SME that media hasn’t paid much attention to, you have a lot to gain from using Twitter.

Whether companies like it or not, new technologies are changing the way businesses communicate. And don’t forget that it’s also altering what investors expect from companies. Social media can hence not be ignored, but should be used in ways that benefit your company as much as possible.

Twitter is a great way of delivering company news directly to investors, improve market  liquidity  and enable you to compete with bigger companies with access to media outlets.

All this obviously depends on who your followers on Twitter are. You have to start by building up the right kind of followers. Then Twitter will be a great tool for reaching not only your investors but media outlets, customers and potential customers as well.

Do you use Twitter? If so, do you have followers that are of importance to your business? Are you tweeting news about your company? Have you had great response? What reaction have you had from investors? Do they like the fact that you are up to date and communicate in innovative ways?  Do you agree with Elizabeth Blankespoor that Twitter is a useful tool for reaching investors?

Video: stanfordbusiness – Picture: Matt Biddulph

72 thoughts on “Are you tweeting your investors?

  1. I have used Twitter previously however I found that I did not enjoy using it personally. Though there are many Twitter chats available that I do like participating it that can invoke some great discussions such as the BufferChats about different weekly topics on social media, blogging, marketing, etc.

    1. Emily, it's not about liking or not liking Twitter. You need to use it and have a lot of followers. Especially now when you have set up a new website that gives the impression you are an expert on digital marketing. If you have not yet got at least 50,000 followers on Twittter you have work to do.

  2. I started using twitter after my book was published.
    Adopting to technology, to provide output and communication to your investors, or customers is vital. If you do not adopt, you are left behind, and the void you left, will be taken by someone else.

  3. I've been on Twitter since 2009 and still use it daily. I love it! And my largest audience is by far on Twitter. It'
    s a great way in expanding the rich of any message.

  4. Investors in your company are likely following you on social media networks and also tracking the responses to your posts. Most large public companies have a corporate Twitter account and a customer service account. It's essential that the company respond immediately to posts on their customer service portal, otherwise their unhappy customers will post their complaints. That is not good for investors to see. There is so much more transparency now with social media that companies really need to be on top of all their communications channels.

  5. I do like Twitter and believe it can be an effective way to get your message across. It does take some creativity though to be able to convey interesting information in 140 characters.

        1. Glad I reminded you so you can tweet your posts. By the way, it's much better that you tweet articles you like yourself. Re-tweeting someone else's tweet makes you look passiv:-)

  6. I have a twitter account and was active for a year or so. I struggled to increase followers and engage with others. I felt invisible as I was not known to popular bloggers. I regularly commented on other blogs and tweets. I received very little in the way of comments.

  7. I think Twitter is an effective marketing and business tool. Because you are limited to such a short message, I think the power of Twitter is underestimated at times. With much forethought though, even 140 characters have great power in the world of tweets. And, as we have all seen, the people that don’t think before they Tweet, can see the hugely negative impact an inappropriate tweet can have. So if we are using it to connect with customers, investors, etc…think before you tweet.

  8. I just finished a manuscript critique and copy edit of a book where a newspaper and its staff is having a hard time embracing the use to Twitter and other social media outlets. We certainly live in a different world, and embracing the benefits is a must.

  9. This question, "do you use Twitter?" had me smiling Catarina. I Tweet, Retweet, ask for Retweets, Favorite and Reply to followers. But are they my investors? I think in my case, my investors are my influencers, my collaborators, someone else's valuable content and more. I've been on it for years but am learning something every day with it.
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  10. In the U.S. public company disclosure is regulated by the SEC. That fact tends to keep companies from trying new things. They tend to get very conservative guidance from their own lawyers, which often amounts to “don’t do anything different or it can be interpreted as selective disclosure.” This is changing but slowly. About 5 years ago, the SEC issued advice that you could use your Web site to disclose material information, but they added several qualifiers that confused everyone and again resulted in corporate lawyers advising against it. I would think social media is a logical next step. I’m sure the SEC will address it after everyone starts to use it anyway. Social media gives all investors access to information and that is something the government regulators should take into consideration.

    1. Ken, according to Stanford University, US companies have already started using twitter for investor relations. Seems to me it's fine with the SEC. Doubt that Stanford would suggest doing so otherwise.

      1. That is partially true. The SEC policy is “companies can use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to announce key information in compliance with Regulation Fair Disclosure (Regulation FD) so long as investors have been alerted about which social media will be used to disseminate such information.” There was a high profile case a couple years ago involving Netflix. The CEO posted monthly subscriber numbers on Twitter which caused the stock price to go up. But, according to the Columbia Law School blog, “Netflix received a Wells notice from the staff of the SEC indicating their intent to recommend that the SEC institute a cease-and-desist proceeding and/or bring a civil injunctive action against Netflix and Hastings for violations of Regulation FD and certain Securities Exchange Act provisions.” Nothing ever came of that but it is one of the reasons why public company lawyers are so cautious about this. Anyone who is counseling public companies to use social media should also advise of some of the restrictions when it involves disclosing material information.

        1. Needless to say companies using social media for investor relations can not break the law. Sad that some US companies tried to do so. By the way, obviously no public US company is using only Twitter for investor relations and I am certain that the people handling investor relations for them are aware of what the SEC require from them.

  11. I greatly appreciate the value of social media in communicating because I started my first business 32 years ago and had to spend a lot of money on reaching my customers and potential ones. Newspaper, radio and printed ads were very expensive and so I am so happy that we have free to low cost powerful tools such as Twitter today. I provide links to longer content when my point can’t be contained within the 140 characters.

  12. I have been learning about Twitter but still have a long way to go to really know what it is all about. I do believe it can help business tremendously. Probably as younger people become the business leaders will social media become the tool it can be. I think for the older generation much of it is intimidating.

  13. I work for a corporate communications consultancy that works with publicly listed companies and I am forever shocked by the amount of financial professionals, especially working for AIM companies, who still believe having a Twitter presence is pointless. It's infuriating!

  14. I think Twitter and social media in general needs to be part of a company’s overall marketing plan these days. I think many companies are still figuring out the best way to use it, though. It requires a very different approach than traditional advertising.

    1. True, Donna. When it comes to Twitter though many companies are of the opinion that it's something people use privately to update their followers on what they had for breakfast and so forth. Once they get over that they can use it to update, say, investors. Provided of course that their investors follow them on Twitter, which is something that can be arranged.

  15. Great advice as usual.
    I have not yet joined Twitter but have been contemplating it. I suppose it feels a little overwhelming.

  16. Twitter definitely has emerged as a must-do for small businesses. This is something that I also need to spend more time developing! The benefits can be huge!

  17. Twitter is just one avenue for the new marktet place these days and it works. If businesses don't use it, they are missing out. It seems that most firms have begun using social media and even have plans to expand their use.
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  18. TWitter like all social media is part of the future. Bloggers, companies and anyone looking to reach a crowd or customers must get on the wagon.

    Thanks Catarina for sharing this very interesting video
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  19. My understanding is small business have an advantage over larger ones when it comes to social media such as Twitter. A small business can make decisions easily on how to utilize these new tools. Larger businesses are hampered by needing more social media rules and in some cases legal issues. The larger businesses also are slower to learn the value of social media.

    Personally, I have grown my business through social media as have some of my clients.
    My recent post Make Your Website into Home Base

    1. Good points that I agree with Leora. But now the SEC in your country has determined that it's OK for businesses to use Twitter, and other social media. for investor relations. So that should make a difference.

  20. Of course twitter is important in today's marketing. From my perspective social media is already a standard when it comes to communicating online, so basically old news. We need to focus on new ways of getting the word out and staying in touch with our customers and investors, because frankly, having a twitter account and facebook page its not enough by a long shot any more.

    Twitter and other social networks are also very limited, from every perspective possible, this is why I always considered that a strong online presence can only be achieved by having a main websites, with feed updates, customer support as well as all the info a potential customer needs.

  21. This is great advice. I don't use Twitter as much as I probably should to promote my blog. I feel like…do I really have something interesting to say?? But then I see that people and brands are just tweeting pictures of food or their product placed in a pretty vignette. I could do that! I just took a blogging seminar that taught us that when brands look to sponsor bloggers, they look for your Pinterest and Twitter influence first and foremost…not even your blog stats. Interesting stuff.
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  22. That is interesting about investor relations. I must do a search to see if any Australian companies are doing that. With growing acceptance of Twitter and other networks I think we will find companies will get creative as to what they share.
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  23. You always give really good advice about social media and online marketing for your business. Twitter is definitely becoming a key player in building a brand and communicating with others about your business; both customers and other important contacts.
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  24. I do agree. I think that the power of twitter is overlooked by the fact that you're limited to a short message. However short messages, when well thought out, have great power in the world of tweets. As for me, I am still growing my followers in food, wine and short story writers. It has greatly impact my conversations and blog presence for the positive. 🙂
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  25. Beyond a doubt, Twitter is a valuable tool as I find my way as a 21st Century author. Beyond that, I often tweet about the places I eat and tourist sites I visit.
    My recent post The Allure of Magnetic Poetry

  26. Properly used, Twitter is a great tool for companies. The problem is that few use it properly – they see it as a way to just push out company information, not realising that it is truly a conversation medium and they need to both listen and put information out – information not just from the company itself, but from other sources that would be of interest to its audience. That's how companies build strong communities…

    The fact that it is of increasing importance to investors, too, was underscored by the SEC last week giving permission for companies to use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for distributing their news (including financial results).

    1. Great information, Guy, about the SEC in the US giving permission for companies to use social media sites, like Twitter for distributing news, including financial results. Agree with you that few use Twitter properly.

  27. As a blogger, Twitter is a must have for me to build a community. I would think it would be the same in the investment area to build trust and another avenue to get information out.
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  28. Good reminder about how valuable Twitter can be. It is a tool that I use for my day job, though I need to give it more careful thought. I am embarrassed to say that while Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are top of mind for me when I'm thinking about social media, the Twitter feed has not ranked high in my considerations. I tend to use it at work as an after thought, rather than a deliberate approach to reach my audiences. I think my bias comes from seeing too many silly tweets from folks in the public eye who should know better. I'm going to get over it. Thanks. 🙂
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    1. Good points Debra. Personally use Twitter to inform about new articles I have published as well as news. But to use it to inform investors is a great idea I had never thought of for the simple reason that I don't need to do investor relations:-)

  29. Hello Catarina: I love Twitter and use it to communicate with colleagues, as well as current and potential clients, and in the case of my crowdfunding campaign, donor or "investors." It has been working quite well for me in driving home my attributes, services and goals.

  30. Catarina — every company needs to be using social media to reach investors. For smaller public companies Twitter can be an essential tool if they attract the right followers who could be larger public companies who retweet their content. Those companies are followed by large equity and institutional investors so it will be possible to get on their radar screens as the RTs go viral.
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  31. I tweet posts and article for the websitesblogs I have built for clients. I find those in financial corporate services are pretty nervous about social sharing.

    I think these companies need a Social Network policy driven from the top
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    1. Don't we all tweet articles Paul?:-) But the issue here is that a study at Stanford has found that in the US part of investor relations is done by tweets. And it works. Do take into account that Europe is behind the US when it comes to using social media.

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