Contemplating exports to Europe?

Today’s market is irrevocably global. So, if you are not already exporting, maybe you should? Could Europe be a good market for you? It’s surprisingly easy to test if what you have to offer would be suitable for the European Union. Watch this short video outlining the information you can access on the EU Export Helpdesk:Β 

The video speaks for itself. You can swiftly find all the information you need and even have a look at EU trade flows inside and outside Europe.

Would exporting to Europe be a good idea for you?
Would exporting to Europe be a good idea for you?

Another important aspect is that it let’s you know what trade preferential agreements are in place and what impact they will have on you and your company.

Exporting to the EU enables you to reach 28 countries with a combined population of over 500 million. Or you can target member states individually. You may for instance have a product that’s suitable for Germany with a population of 82 million or Denmark with 5.5 million citizens. You will also find information on the marketing standards that apply to the European Union. Do your products comply with the rules that apply for,say, organic farming? The Export Helpdesk will enable you to find an abundance of information by simply clicking on issues of relevance to what you would like to export.

Needless to say, this fact-finding mission is just the first step in exporting to the European Union. You need to do much more, not least finding companies that want to do business with you or setting up a company in a member state.

Do you export your products and/or services? Would you like to? If so, what countries would you target? Any interest in Europe? The United States? China? Saudi Arabia? Or where in the world would you like your exports to go? Did you find the EU Export Helpdesk useful? Should such tools be more widely used all over the world to facilitate global trade?

Video: European Commission – You Tube

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  1. Great information as always Catarina. I don’t have a product to export but if I did I would love to be in a position to export to Europe. I love that the EU Export Helpdesk lays out everything so clearly. God knows any business could benefit from such a well laid out set of rules!

  2. Hi Catarina
    I find the European Help Desk indicates how progressive the European Union is. I'm in touch with relatives and friends in Holland all the time and I'm always impressed with their forward thinking and here is another example. The Help Desk is like a well managed Chamber of Commerce. Not that I will be exporting but sincerely appreciate the information.

  3. Export helpdesk? Thats a good point of departure to exporting to Europe and I was not aware of it. I may just export to Europe in the future and this will be explorred fully.

  4. I sell services and not products so this video would be very helpful if I did export. A lot of Americans I know whose parents or grandparents came from Europe have applied for dual citizenship. In my case it's mostly Italy. I didn't know you could do that and I haven't yet started the process (my parents were Italian immigrants) but there are a lot of advantages, such as traveling freely among EU companies and I'm assuming some benefits of you're an exporter.
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    1. To get the advantages of the single market in Europe, Jeannette, you have to reside there. Your company also need to be registered and operating in Europe. But the export helpdesk would still facilitate.

  5. Hi Catarina,

    Apart from online digital products and services (which has no geographic boundaries), I have a distribution business that I operate in the US, Europe, South Africa and India. But interestingly, I do not have to export anything because we mostly manufacture products in each country we operate in and therefore, no export/import necessary so far.

    But this is certainly a great discussion and I can imagine how much details are needed to do. So, thank you for sharing this.
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  6. It was interesting to know that there is a website on European export available if you need it. I have nothing to export but it is something I can file away and share if the subject comes up πŸ™‚

  7. That is a really cool tool. I love how easy it is to use. To answer your question; having something like this to use worldwide could be a very useful tool for all concerned. It could alleviate much of the confusion or concerns regarding how to go exporting goods and services in different countries for sure. I don't have a product that is exportable as of yet but who knows, I may in the future. so something like this is or would be greatly appreciated. πŸ™‚
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  8. I don't know a great deal about how companies go about exporting, but if I were thinking about it, this would be a fabulous tool. The video is very simple and easy to understand.
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  9. There once was a time when the exporting business was very appealing to me. This tool would have been great. Thanks for another great insight into the business world Catarina.

  10. Well this is pretty cool! I have no products that would be great for this market as of now BUT you never know in the future. This article is surely something worth reading and keeping note on.

  11. Another week , another Great post.
    I am not still in position to export but many of my family members do Import ,export with China and some of European countries. I really want to set up some platform and I really like to introduce world with embroidered and other cloths from Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. Surly Saudi Arabia , I wish I will be able someday. Yes I am interested in Denmark and Belgium as some of my family members are in garments business there. Many of my friends import toys from china and sell here in Saudi Arabia. This video was short , helpful and informative. EU Export Help desk is useful and effective use of such tools can be beneficial in many respects and can facilitate global trade more effectively.

  12. I hadn’t even considered this. Thank you for sharing the tool. Since I seem to start a new business every few years, it is possible that it could be useful for me.

  13. What a cool tool! I remember very clearly when our company went "global;" in the 80's and how difficult it was then. Food service equipment not only has to meet health standards, but electrical as well. This would have been valuable then πŸ™‚
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    1. Yes, Jacqueline, it's amazing how much easier it is nowadays to go global isn't it. The internet has completely changed our way of working. But even so, having meetings in real life is often essential if you want to do business in many countries.

    1. Glad you agree with me that the market today is irrevocably global. If I were you I would contact the British Embassy and ask them to put you in touch with UK publishing companies. Then contact them and see what they can do for you.

  14. I think that tool is very handy. Canada has gone a much less high tech route and while the departmental staff at International Trade are friendly and helpful there is definitely something to be said for automating many of the common elements and questions… not to mention being faster.
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    1. Yes, Debra, the EU tool really comes in handy for fact-finding. Much easier than having to call someone or have a meeting. You will quickly get an idea of the basics. And above all, it's free. I don't know about Canada but in Sweden a company that want's to export has to pay a lot of money to the state owned organisation handling exports to get any information. Needless to say that has a detrimental impact on companies willingness to export.

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