Did you know Mitt Romney is bouncing back?

Two months ago he was neck and neck with Obama in the presidential race. Now he has a new job. Watch late-night comedians take on Mitt Romney’s new job with Marriott Hotels in this short video:

Jokes and Hugh Hefner aside, Mitt Romney is a prime example of adapting to the unpredictability of life.

One day he was in a position where he could become the most powerful man in the world and the next he had to get back in the saddle again. We have to give it to Mitt Romney, he swiftly bounced back, or maybe Marriott Hotels was really quick to come up with an offer?

The only thing that’s certain is uncertainty

If someone had mentioned Mitt Romney of Marriott Hotels to you a couple of months ago you would have thought it was different person. But on Marriott’s board is where you find him nowadays. Not only did Marriott get good publicity out of it it presumably also enabled Romney to swiftly adapt to the fact that he will not be moving into The White House.

Personally think it’s commendable that he has already moved on and hopefully feels fine about it. If so, he serves as a good example for all of us that we have to adapt to the uncertainty that is always an aspect of life. We can only plan so much because circumstances impact all we do. And no positive thinking in the world could change the fact that he didn’t get elected. So Romney seems to have accepted the outcome and moved on. Would not be surprised if he, like a lot of politicians, ends up sitting on more boards of directors.

Do you agree with me that the only thing that’s certain in life is uncertainty? Or are you of the opinion that we are able to plan everything? Do you believe it’s a good idea to swiftly accept what life brings us and move on? Was it a good idea for Mitt Romney to accept an offer from The Marriott Group so soon? Do you think it was commendable that got back in the saddle again so swiftly?Β 

Video: CNNInternational – You Tube

43 thoughts on “Did you know Mitt Romney is bouncing back?

  1. Yes Catarina, I think that you need to take what comes your way and make the best of the situation. Sometimes the path you get taken on can be better for you in the long run….at least that is my positive take on it πŸ™‚
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  2. Obama missed a wonderful opportunity to make Mitt Romney chief negotiator between the Democrats and Republicans on the debt problem

  3. I do agree that the only certain in life is uncertainty and change. I think its commendable the Romney has moved on already, although, what other choice did he have? After something like losing a huge election, there is absolutely no point or benefit in moping over it. Handling something like that is always much easier if you have something new to put your focus and energy into.
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  4. Seems to me he was a businessman before he was politician … and he is back to doing what he knows well.
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  5. It is not surprising that some company offered him a role. Patricia said he used to be on the board so it is a safe move and probably didn't need much thinking. You can't plan for everything but if you are going for something that is a win or loss you would think of alternatives if you lost. The reason for this is if you don't you can stagnate for a longer time than is necessary.
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  6. Actually Mitt was on the board previously. He had to resign when he decided to run for USA POTUS. He just was invited to serve again. So it wasn't swift nor was it uncertain. Anyone who has both become and created success as he has must be credited with many positive things. I'm not second guessing him.

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  7. The fact is, uncertainty is a constant in our lives. Learning to adapt and change as life flows is key to a happy and healthy life. Mitt Romney comes from the corporate world and see that fact up front and in a very personal way. So it comes as little surprise that he has found a way to adjust. πŸ™‚

  8. Absolutely…the only certainty is uncertainty! For this reason, I am the worst at hypothetical questions like the ones in a job interview: "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" I'm sorry, sir, I do have goals, but my plans for tomorrow might change, so please don't ask me about 2017.
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  9. Marriott got its moneys worth for sure. I agree with you about the uncertainty being the only certainty in life. Who knows what will happen tomorrow or the next moment!! But, that is the wonderful thing about being alive. Mitt Romney has to continue with his life, while his dreams of being American President is not going to happen (which is for sure) for the time being.

  10. Alas, as I am not on broadband as of now, I am unable to see the video. That said, I would admire anyone who knows how to move on. Life is uncertain. There are so many people who when they get retrenched because the entire industry isn't doing well, don't know how to reinvent themselves and think of alternative careers – and there are so many careers at which they would rock! Flexibility is very important, even in the daily work environment and in personal life.
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  11. Not too surprising that Mitt Romney has gone back into the corporate world. I don't know how comfortable he would have been in the White House, but I'm sure he is right at home in the Marriott boardroom. The Hugh Hefner jokes are pretty funny.
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  12. Mitt is setting about the business of making money, employing people, managing an enterprise and living the American Dream. The white house meanwhile has set upon itself the task of taking, wasting, spending and generally mismanaging the United States of America. It is sad that productive people have now become pariahs' in the eyes of the twisted media and politicians. Without the Mitt Romney's of the world, nobody could form the precious Unions that demand money and provide little more than coffee break schedules. I wish Mitt all the best but I know that he doesn't need luck nor does he need David Letterman's approval. He's a hard worker and a decent man. Thats a rare commodity in todays world!!!

  13. The jokes were pretty funny though Catarina I have to say. Good for him moving forward so quickly, though I can only imagine the pay is a whole lot less than the figures for speaking engagement than Bill Clinton brings in. That said we all have to adapt to change when we don't get what we want. That's life.
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    1. Yes the video is funny, isn't it AK. What's unusual with Mitt Romney's new job was that he was really swift. Usually it takes a bit longer. We all have to adapt to change and he has set a good example.

  14. There are three certainties in life: uncertainty, taxation and death πŸ™‚ Seriously, though, one has to move on. There’s no point in looking backwards as you can never change the past, so “Pick yourself up, Dust yourself off, Start all over again” in the words of the famous song… Mitt’s done the right thing and will no doubt find himself fully occupied, profitably, in future.

  15. Catarina, I'm not surprised he has opportunities. I bet he gets a few of these part time board gigs. If nothing else, the election raised his profile. I think it's easy to sit and pout, but moving on is healthy. They say the best way to get over a break up is to find someone else. Jumping back in will be good for him.

  16. Catarina — I was able to view the videos (funny). Joining corporate boards is a classic route in the U.S. for retired CEOs. It's not such a big deal here. Romney doesn't need the money and his Board responsibilities are not going to take up much of his time. This is akin running in place while he figures out what to do with the rest of his life.
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  17. Bummer… cannot watch the video. I agree that the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. Romney certainly must have had choices. I am sure he chose the right one for him.
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      1. The video says 'the uploader has not made this video available in your country'. That's why I can't watch it.
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