Do you thrive in the social era?

Are you, or want to be, a game changer? Do you use the power of your ideas and connections to grow and change? Watch Nilofer Merchant, strategist and author,” in one minute tell Harvard how the way we do business is changing:

We don’t  create value on our own but when we connect with other entities, people and ideas. People who master  networking will be thriving in the social era.

The power of networks

How many networks do you belong to on and offline? Admittedly far from all networks are useful. They have to consist of people with shared interests and goals in order to produce returns and serve our needs.

Linkedin is the onlinr network that works best for me.
Linkedin is the online network that works best for me.

Unfortunately there are plenty of networks consisting of individuals who just talk and seem to be stuck on the same treadmill forever. Such networks, needless to say, will not produce results. When it comes to networking, action definitely speaks louder than words.

Connected individuals taking over from institutions

It’s almost strange, isn’t it, that power today more and more comes from individuals connected in some way at the expense of institutions. Personally believe that’s a wonderful development.  And it gets even better because because we can create value by connecting to individuals who are not working in our company. We can, for instance, hire a consultant at the other side of the world who can carry out work for us without leaving his/her home.

Let your customers have their say

Making your customers part of your innovation process is a wonderful aspect of the social era.  How do you connect with your customers?

It’s also interesting that it’s mainly our values and goals that unite us in the social era. Not a company or product. It allows us to organise companies to be more fluid, work faster and increase their market share.

Isn’t it time to stop thinking in old ways and adapt to our new reality – the social era? We don’t need to work out of an office anymore. Maybe it’s time to to re-define what an organisation looks like and how it is structured? More and more individuals have their own company and successfully cooperate with other business owners as if they were one organisation. Do you agree that the amount of business owners working together along those lines will continue to increase? Are you operating that way? If so, what are your experiences? 

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67 thoughts on “Do you thrive in the social era?

  1. I love the social era! Communication and collaboration come easy to me, and so I truly find this more flexible style of doing business and getting things done to fit much better with my own style than sitting in a corporate office when I am told by others what to do and when to do it.

  2. I'm retired so don't have to network anymore in the same way but my son is awesome at it. He has a B2B consulting company and he hires people in countries – other than Canada – where he does business, mainly England and the USA. All of this is only possible because of the networking through social media and through his large number of contacts – someone knows someone who is just perfect for the job.

  3. LinkedIn is the best social media platform for me to use as well. I find that the audience there is more engaged and groups are much more active. On the other hand, my experience with Twitter in my personal blog has shown me that likes and retweets are common in the blogging community but people don't actually engage actively with your work. It's more liking tweets to be seen by others as opposed to actually liking the content. I want to curate my social media platforms to have less followers if need be but more engaged ones.

  4. I network on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook I have a page dedicated to my make up business and a page for my blog. I previously lingered on twitter but felt rather invisible and struggled to maintain connection with others.

    I agree that one may stay current in order to network.

    1. Do a lot of people find you on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram and ask to connect with you? If not, you are doing something wrong.

  5. I am still new at this. I have been trying to get more social media platforms to spread the word about my novel and to interact with my readers. I get the platforms; just don’t know what to do on them. Posts like yours really help out someone like me who tries to learn about it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Feel like I have yet to fully utilize any one social platform. It’s more like a buffet full of social media sites that don’t always go well together. All I get is indigestion.

  7. I am still learning about how to network using all the resources available – the social media but also with blogging forums, niche forums etc. It’s an interesting journey I’m on and totally agree with Nilofer Merchant that if we can build strong relationships in all those areas and connect them, then we definitely have a winning strategy.

  8. I am in agreement with you that power that comes from individuals at the expense of institutions is a good thing. I do, however, have some reservations about what is termed here the social era, because while we have the opportunity to connect with so many more individuals in so many different ways, I sometimes feel that these digital connections make personal connections less likely.

    1. Interesting points, Ken. Don't know about you, but I have quite a few friends that I met on social media. It starts with Skype video calls/Google Hangouts and then you get to know them in real life.

  9. I love her!
    I think some internet marketers fail because they ask the wrong question, “how can I make money”? It’s so true following an intent of.” connection” instead of, “dollars” builds a stronger foundation. People are smart, and initially they may buy into claims but eventually they recognize the lack of engagement and concern from superficial and material intent.

  10. I certainly agree that the social era is the new reality and it is changing how we work and interact. Although I think I am still learning how to connect in that world, the possibilities and opportunities are exciting.

  11. I love social media! I enjoy networking and sharing my ideas and reading the views and opinions of others. LinkedIn is my preferred platform and FB not too far behind. I have joined just under ten forums and am gaining a few connections a week.

    I truly believe that individuals who choose not to participate in social media will be left out whether they are business owners or not.

  12. I still work part time at my old job, and I feel that the company hasn’t at all grasped the power of social media to expand their brand. While the company is successful, they aren’t reaching their full potential. I personally find Facebook to be my most effective social network. Having said that, most business owners I’m sure will agree that it can be daunting to try to keep up with Facebook’s algorithm.

    1. Yes isn't it amazing how many companies fail to take advantage of the power of social media, Erica. Not surprised Facebook works best for you because you write about health

  13. People who refuse to adapt to this new social era will be left behind. That's really what life is anyway, right? You must bend to it, for life will not bend to you!

    1. True and I agree with you, Jacqueline. But you have to know what you are doing and not fall for any trick. I just reported a profile in the name of David Petreus with official photographs of him to Google. Am 99% sure it's an impersonator. He wanted to connect with me. 678 people have connected with him already. Maybe I'm wrong but if so no harm will come to him from Google. If I'm right, another imposter has been removed.

  14. Catarina — I think this post was meant for me. I completely rebranded my business four years ago. I saw that social media was the future, so I took my basic tool — writing — and applied it to social media writing and blogging. It has paid dividends in my business. You simply can't succeed without understanding social media. I find that clients are looking for help with navigating all the possible networks they could belong to. It's and exciting and challenging new world!
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  15. Speaking from my own experience if you do not get involved int he social era you will be left behind. I think that everyone will benefit from social media. However you need to pick and choose which ones you want to focus on, so that you are not all over the place and master none. I am now trying to get my customers more involved in social media by offering a discount when they visit and like our Facebook. The jury is still out on that one
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  16. Being on the social media is now part of the business. Does everyone benefit from the networks? It depends on the type of networks, and the mentality of the people there. Every business owner wanted to be connected with the customers.

    1. Bindu, social media per se is just a tiny part of what the social era entails. Most people do not get much, if anything, out of social media. You have to develop friendships and partnerships throught the people you get to know on social networks. If not, what do you get out of it?

  17. Involving your customers is super idea! They are, of course, the most important people in any business!

  18. I have been an independant business owner for over 20 years. However, for the last five years I have been networking more and have teamed up with several other's in my profession and we are beginning to open up some wonderful doors. This could only happen by working together as a team even though we are all independant.

  19. She's got it right. This is the era of social. Businesses cannot remain viable without social. They have to participate and respond. It's entirely different paradigm from previous generations.

  20. For many, there is still the fear that workers will be less productive if they work from home. It's great to be able to have that option, but it's not an option with every business or with every person. I think it's harder to separate work time from downtown when one works from home.
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    1. Jeri, sometimes working from home is not a good idea for larger companies. Some of us are used to working out of hotels and from home and don't find it difficult to be diciplined. However, far from all people can do it.

  21. Smart companies have included customers in the past and will continue to do this. What the networking platforms have done is help smaller companies connect throughout the world and with customers and other businesses. Some will use it to advantage and others will ignore the opportunity. The one thing to remember is sometimes the ones that complain etc online are the vocal minority which companies need to be aware of.
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  22. When it comes to at least some of the larger organizations, they fail with customer service whether it's online or in-person. Sad isn't it? I mean they could really have their customer service reputation sore up up up by responding quickly. Opportunity missed for sure. Valuable insights here, thanks Catarina.
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  23. Great post. My husband has a small company and he couldn’t meet the needs of most of his large clients unless he created virtual teams. The team members are not just from different organizations doing different things, they are from different cities. What they share are their values, their dedication and their very customer centred approach to delivering service. Even in larger organizations, like my own, the virtual teams are central to effective service delivery. Most of our 5000 staff do not work in an office and many of our teams don’t work in the same city or province with each other. We all need to hear the voice of the customer if we want to succeed, so embracing the social era isn’t just a trend, it’s necessity.
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    1. Thanks Debra. What your husband and his virtual teams are doing is a great example of how to do it in this day and age. Am working on setting up a similar system right now.

  24. I definitely agree the amount of business owners working together along those lines will continue to increase. It is a changing world and if you don't keep up, you will be left behind. Adapting to and adjusting with social media is just one of the many ways we are changing the structure of organizations but I think it is a really cool way.
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    1. Agree with you M.K. It's a great development that opens up a lot of possibilities for those of us who have entrepreneurial minds ( not to be confused with carrying out entrepreneurial activity).

  25. Thanks for the post, Catarina. I have one question, though – are we in the social era, or the communication one? My view is that social networks are simply a tool to facilitate far wider communication than has been feasible in the past. Companies can now talk with each and every customer, for example, rather than a select few; entrepreneurs can reach out to huge numbers of prospective investors, customers and suppliers; everyone working in even the biggest global MNC can have a voice… Social networks (online and offline) make the concept of "the global village" a reality. For example, through LinkedIn alone, I'm connected to a staggering 21 million people, with around 120 000 new connections just over the weekend…

    So, what companies and people need to understand is how to best take advantage of the new communication age. Certainly, business owners can use it to build eco-systems, but so can individuals. The flip side, of course, is that privacy is becoming a thing of the past – if you do something wrong, people are going to know about it – quickly! That said, they're also going to know when you fix things, do something right, and so on.

    Basically we're at the point of trying to understand how to effectively interact in this new environment – it's making for some very interesting times (and business models)…

  26. Hi Catarina,

    Very good post and the facts mentioned on Power of Network and institutions were really amazing one. It provided me a Good information along with the video. Nice Work

    Siddhartha Sinha
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  27. If you do not keep up with the times and adapt to the changes that are happening around you, I'm afraid you will fall behind and fail.
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  28. Yeh…I'm trying to be more social. Honestly, if it weren't for this blog I wouldn't be so active on social media and learn about networking. And even my job, which I recently left— I realized how many contacts I made and how useful that could be.
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  29. Yes, I absolutely agree that we as entrepreneurs now have an advantage in reaching out to customers and expanding our networks thru the use of social media. Most of the contacts for my chocolate research have come via social media platforms. I love being able to connect with someone in South America (or any part of the world) as easily as I can with someone who lives around the corner in my own community.
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  30. Catarina,
    Networking online has to be an integral part of any business' overall strategy. I always look at participation in social networking sites as an extension of what we do at face-to-face meetings and business events. The same rules apply. Everything we do is either a relationship builder or a relationship destroyer, whether it''s online or offline, it still matters. In fact, destroying a relationship online can have much further reaching implications.
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  31. I think that in this new SM world allowing customers to have voice can only enhance a company or organization profile. This make it much more personal for a customer, giving them a sense of having a stake in the future of that organization or companies success. I realize there are risks but i believe those risks far outweigh the benefits that can come form doing that kind of collaboration. 🙂
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  32. "Making your customers part of your innovation process is a wonderful aspect of the social era. " – many businesses are struggling with this part of Social – it's one thing to put up videos or tweet. It's yet another to respond to customers online. In a local networking group, business owners recently discussed how to respond to negative. Some with experience agreed if a comment is such a rant and in all caps and so negative, it might be best not to respond. Or let current customers respond. Business owners must tread carefully.
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    1. Great points, Leora. Agree with you. But responding to customers online is something that's going to be a must. Just a question of how long it takes. What the members of the local networking group concluded is the same tactic that can be use when someone posts an insulting comment in a discussion on social media. Frequently someone else disarms the bully. But if someone is really ranting the least you can do is call them up and talk to them. Another option is to ask them questions online to find out what the problem is. Frequently it's not as bad as it sounds. It's just a question of how the person in question express him/herself.

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