Do you trust in God but not governments and businesses?

If so, you personify the findings of Edelman's 2012 Trust Barometer. Watch Chrystia Freeland talk to Richard Edelman about the current erosion of confidence in the workplace and governments:

Respondents in 25 countries indicate trust in government have declined with nine percent and that Brazil is the country where confidence in elected officials have fallen most.

Not surprisingly the debt ceiling debacle in the US, bailouts in the European Union, corruption in Brazil and India as well as the nuclear disaster in Japan are the main reasons behind the mistrust. And it's interesting to note that Westerners have lower faith in their governments than citizens of the developing world. 

Half the public distrust companies

Businesses need to be regulated according to half the participants in the survery. And they are of the opinion that governments are not doing enough to rein in immoral companies. A high number of people would also like their authorities to increase consumer protection and ensure ethical corporate behaviour. It comes as no surprise that banks and financial institutions are least trusted. 

Trust in social media on the rise

Traditional media and online search engines are still the most trusted sources of news and information but social media including blogs, networking sites and content sharing sites showed the biggest increase in trust this year. Surprising, considering the amount of incorrect information circulating on such forums. 

Do you agree with the findings of the 2012 Trust Barometer and what Richard Edelman had to say? Have we lost confidence in authority figures? How can they build trust again and manage their reputations?There is now an opportunity for governments and businesses to lead in ways that earn trust. How would you like to see that done? Can they convince the citizens of the world that they are not about self interest but taking their responsibilities in society? Do you agree with Richard Eberman that confidence in governments and businesses will start rising again this year?

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28 thoughts on “Do you trust in God but not governments and businesses?

  1. Hi Catarina, it may interest you to know that we, as a company, trust in God. All our employees work on the principles of 'Love for God, fear of sin and morality in society'. It is possible for a SME like our with 250+ employees. Wonder if it is possible for larger businesses! Also, unlike conventional CEOs, our boss is more like a mentor (Guru) who reinforces our trust with his Gandhian way. Wonder if top executives are ready to play that role!

  2. Unfortunately, in the U.S. congressmen rank lower than used car salesmen and that is saying something. Unfortunately, between now and the election for President in November there will be very little governing and mostly politics where the goal is destroy your opponents by character assassination. Unfortunately, highly qualified people who could become outstanding leaders in government do not want to subject themselves to this so we are losing the very people we need to lead our country.
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    1. Jeannette, that congressmen are rank lower than used carsalesmen, says a lot. What you say about politics in the US unfortunately applies to Europe as well. And as you say, the people needed to lead countries are as a result not interested. Which makes trust go even lower and is actually bad for democracy:-)

  3. Great argument…..I think that we should consider that Governments are just people, and just like any company, family or organization you will find the corrupt, the non-corrupt and the ones in between who cannot make or afford to voice an opinion. I personally believe as always the top leadership in Government will determine the culture and certain strategic positions within that Government, in particular where fiscal and economic policies are concerned, will determine how the citizens perceive the Government and decide that it is safe to trust or not. This remains an influenced society, and it will take 60 seconds to be influenced negatively….MUCH longer than that to regain positivity and regain trust. I think that Governments can regain trust with a targeted strategic plan and showing that Governance starts with them first,govern yourself first, and after that the masses!

  4. Thank you Radu. Agree with you to some degree but, don't forget that corruption varies from country to country. It's for instance much worse in Romania than Scandinavia. Honestly believe a major problem is that people in the West cannot be bothered to go and vote, less than 50% in Scandinavia for instance. So individuals who should be booted our are re-elected and keep on being untrustworthy.

  5. It seems to me that there's been a general breakdown of honest, and therefore trust, in society – something that had been worsening for some time. It's not just CEOs and Politicians – their high profiles make them easier targets – but throughout society. At the other end of the scale, look at the London "Riots" last summer. Those taking part came from a wide range of socio-economic groups, and did so because they thought it was OK to get something for free. Then look at what the "rich and famous" in sport and entertainment get up to, and get away with…

    The rot runs a lot deeper than just politicians and CEOs, I'm afraid, and we need to start having leaders in all spheres setting the example…

  6. Personally, I would go for both sides. Both are has an important role in our industry. God is our guide and government and businesses has their own roles to keep it good in god's eyes.
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      1. Hi Catarina! Thank you for the reply. God is my ultimate guide in everything i do. Thou we all suffer different types of crisis, I believe that God has purpose on everything that happens.
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  7. The governments and authority figures have my deep respect for their responsibilities but I can never put complete trust into a fellow imperfect man, as I do God.

  8. Governments and business have to find a better game then old reliable steal, lie and get reelected, it no longer works. Evolve or go the way of the dinosaurs. That would seem to be Gods plan.

  9. Hi Catarina,

    The latest polls and news in my country indicates we trust the government less and some businesses. This was reinforced when our reserve bank held interest rates but the big four banks increased the rates. The government said all the expected but will not do anything.

    I think until governments actually show results for citizens then the lack of trust will continue. Talk is one thing but we need real actions to occur.
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