Let’s make 2010 The Year of Optimism!

Negative events have dominated the news for a couple of years. So now when the wind’s turning let’s capitalise on it and be optimistic. How about we all make it our new years resolution to be optimistic? What have we got to lose? After all without hope there’s just time. And if time is all that’s left in the world we will be in the sorry state of just killing time. So let’s start a new chapter and make 2010 The Year of Optimism!

Let's all make a chain of optimism around the world and make sure 2010 will be remembered as The Year of Optimism!

Leaders owe it to their followers to spread optimism without excluding reality. We need to inspire and give people not only hope but resilience. What’s going to happen to your company, your job or you if you are not optimistic and keep making intelligent attempts to succeed?

Sure we have to be clear about the challenges we face due to external factors. But we also have to look not only at what mistakes we did but also at what we did right. Let’s find new ways of doing things. Tough times after all does provide new opportunities to succeed.

Now is not the time to throw in the towel but to have the courage to move on to pastures new. Highlight the good things companies and people are doing now despite the tough times.

Look at how the recession is affecting the business, both positively and negatively. Don’t forget your customers and their buying habits and how you can serve their current needs better. When you are able to provide an equally good, or even better, service during a recession, your customers will never forget you.

Adversity does bring opportunities as well as positive changes if you let it. Don’t be negative and overcautious since that will squash all possibilities of turning this recession into a success. Having said that I should add the importance of not promising something you can not deliver. Much better to undersell and overdeliver!

It’s possible that hard times are here to stay for quite some time yet, but you still have to be optimistic. Sooner or later the tide will turn and you have to look at possibilities instead of concentrating on what can’t be done and being too cautious to take a calculated risk. If you do you will be left behind when good times are here again.

Pessimists actually have a 19 percent higher mortality rate than optimists, according to a Mayo Clinic study. So let’s do things that make us happy and be optimistic in 2010. That will make us more motivated to make a difference and improve the performance of our company, our work, our lives and altogether have an impact on the performance of the whole world.

Let’s make 2010 the year when we all join forces, are optimistic and aim for the stars!  The worst that can happen is that we will have even better health, more friends and better quality of life.

Wishing you all A Fantastic New Year!   2010 – THE YEAR OF OPTIMISM

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10 thoughts on “Let’s make 2010 The Year of Optimism!

  1. Despite all the recent activities surrounding the economic turmoil and the downturn of the global economy, we must continue to have hope and an even greater sense of optimism now than we have ever had in human history. Your sentiment about the need to go the extra mile to make sure that treat our customers better now than we have done in the past is becoming more and more prevalent as I have seen this shift in attitudes and behavior within the customer service industry.

    Bad times be gone and let the good times roll!

  2. Hi Catarina!

    As always a great post. I am in, and I leave you with my Late Grand Father motto that I follow every day: “Actitud Mental Positiva”

    Have a Great 2010


  3. This is an excellent blog and sentiment. I, myself, have declared that I will put the 10 in 2010 and encouraged others to make their 2010 a 10. That doesn't mean any specific resolution or resolutions for me. I may not succeed at individual aspects of the year. Instead, I am striving to make the overall year the best ever.

    An important part of that will be broadening my horizons and expanding my network of positive, like-minded and inspiring people. This will keep me keep me more focused on the positive.

    All the best to you for a fabulous year, too, my new friend.



  4. Couldn't agree more Bob! If we all join forces and form a chain of optimism around the world it will make a difference. Would love it if I got more comments than ever on this article. The world really needs optimism!

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