Making a fresh start!

Talk about the devil! Five days after I published “Get back in the saddle again!” that’s what I had to do.


Almost back in the saddle of Catarina's World again.
Almost back in the saddle of Catarina's World again.


Even if I didn’t get a fresh start at the time of my choosing, I definitely had to get back in the saddle with my blog, or it would simply have ceased to exist. Managed to make a mistake that wiped out my entire blog. Could start blaming others and moan about lost work. But what’s the point? It happened and I had to sort it out. Much better to re-frame the situation and try to make the most out of it.

The first thing I had to do was to inform you readers. Hence created a poll on Linkedin stating “The entire content of my blog Catarina’s World was deleted by mistake. Do you think I should post old articles again?” and sent to all my connections. Asked if I should put all articles back online, only the most popular or none. Within 3 hours 70 people had answered and about 90 percent wanted my blog up and running again with all or the most popular articles posted again.

Am really happy that you are so positive about my blog. Got such nice messages from both connections and other Linkedin users. Some sending me messages asking what happened since they couldn’t find my blog. Was delighted to note how many of you missed my blog and wanted it back.

And here it is again. Have given a lot of thought to posting old articles. Would like to but the catch is all comments,  tweets and diggs are gone. So new readers will get the wrong impression. Which is unfortunate since that the last 30 days before it was taken offline it had 4,885 page views, according to Google Analytics.

So I decided to write this article explaining my thinking as well as posting “Get back in the saddle again!” since it was such a coincidence that I had to do that so soon after publishing it. Almost makes me wonder if I should be careful what I think about since I may make it happen?

Are there any articles published earlier this year that you would like me to post again? If so, please make a comment below to let me know which ones:

  • Scrap CAP – a way to reduce people smuggling?
  • Get the energy to succeed!
  • Tough times never last but tough people do!
  • Wall Street deja vu
  • Inventories can be managed – people must be led
  • Learning – an access to having it all?
  • Curbing global warming – replacing traditional aid?
  • Political ideologies – filling the current void
  • Global market – the way ahead
  • Make a fresh start – restrain executive pay!
  • Unrest on the European front
  • Saudi versus Sweden, Part II – The Abaya
  • Is the dream moving?
  • Success – only an inch away from failure
  • Saudi versus Sweden,Part I – Women
  • Around the world in 22 years

Nothing is certain, as I wrote in “Get back in the saddle again!”. I took my blog for granted, but suddenly it just wasn’t there. It was hence time for me to bounce back and try to get something positive out of the incident. And as far as I’m concerned your reaction was a very positive development. And by not putting all my articles and photos online again my blog will be faster, which will be an added benefit. Even when you upgrade your hosting, which I just did, you don’t get a more powerful and faster server, just a larger database. So let’s enjoy the speed for a while! Then it will be time to get a larger database again.

(Photo: fotografiche.EU, Photo-Xpress)

One thought on “Making a fresh start!

  1. Congratulations Catarina on the revival of your site and Getting Back in the saddle again.
    Hope its smooth riding from here on and wishing you all the success you could wish upon yourself.
    Derek Young.

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