Global poverty – Are we closing our eyes?

How do you map health clinics or water delivery sources in a slum? Humanitarian agencies will be seeking answers to these and other questions as vulnerable populations settle in a sea of shacks on the outskirts of cities and towns across the world in the next few years. [...]

What would make you flee to Iran?

Exactly, desperation. And that’s precisely why there are one million refugees there.They have escaped war torn Afghanistan and Iraq for the relative safety of Iran. Contrary to popular belief the majority of refugees are not in the West. A staggering 80% have taken refuge in developing countries. [...]

WikiLeaks – what a public relations coup!

WIkiLeaks goal in disclosing secret documents is to reveal “unethical behavior” by governments and corporations. Catch is since it was founded in 2006 it has only been able to disclose secrets from Western countries. [...]

Saffron instead of opium?

The whole world would benefit from farmers in Afghanistan replacing poppy farming with alternative crops. Saffron yields about the same price as poppy so that would be one possibility. To make impoverished farmers change from poppy is however easier said than done. So wouldn’t it be a good idea for the world community to start channeling more aid into compensating farmers who opt for alternative crops? [...]