Are we moving from mass consumption to the wants of individuals?


It looks like a historic transition in capitalism is unfolding as a result of products like the iPod. The world is constantly changing and I believe we are at the beginning of a new era which will fundamentally change the way we consume. New demands are created that most existing companies cannot meet.

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Do you know how to communicate to harvest ideas?

The ideas floating around in your organisation are opportunities to develop and innovate. By listening to everyone your chances of innovating from within are unlocked.

Apple, 3M and Google are prime examples of companies reaping the benefits of ideas generated by someone in their organisation. However, far too many companies still fail to benefit from the ideas of their staff. So how do you get colleagues to come forward with ideas they have for any area of the company?

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Do you turn customers into promoters?

Apple does, maybe it would benefit you as well? In this short video Fred Reichheld, fellow and founder of the loyalty practice at Bain & Company, tells you how Apple builds loyalty: Have you developed a system to help you focus all employees on making customers come back for more and bring their friends? If not, […]

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What’s the main reason for entrepreneurial success?

Wonder how many articles have been written, including by me, explaining what makes a successful entrepreneur? And rarely is the most important aspect of succeeding in business mentioned.  Watch Andy Rachleff, lecturer in strategic management at Stanford and experienced venture capitalist, in less than a minute stating what is the most important ingredient for entrepreneurial success. To […]

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Which were the best global brands last year?

How do you succeed with global branding? Could you do it? Find out by watching this short video with Interbrand Global CEO Jez Frampton about the Best Global Brands 2013 and advice from experts: The video speaks for itself and it comes as no surprise that Apple is considered the best global brand followed by Google and other leading […]

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Are you joining the “Made for China” trend?

An increasing number of Western brands are launching new products, or even brands, catering to consumers in emerging markets. That’s where the money is right now, and Western brands are still favored over local ones

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