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America China – The Power is Moving!

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

When democracies loose economic power democracy itself is weakened. Already now China has the third largest economy in the world and within 5-7 years it will be the main producer of goods globally.

Hu Jintao may be shorter but China has the upper hand

The US on the other hand, has a huge budget deficit and is already borrowing heavily, not least from China. So no wonder China is already starting to show its power.

At the Copenhagen climate summit Obama and many other leading heads of state took part. China however, sent an insignificant deputy foreign minister with no ability to take decisions without confirmation from Beijing. The Chinese government also protest against US actions with a new vigour and confidence.

China continues to produce and Westerners keep on consuming on borrowed money, not least from China, which is an equation that doesn’t add up. Soviet communism declined because the economy didn’t add up but that’s not the case with China whose economy is capitalistic while the government keeps a firm grip on power and its people.

According to the OECD, Western countries’ debts in 2008 were equivalent of to 100% of their GDP. China on the other hand has a deficit equivalent of 21 percent of GDP. So not only is the Chinese economy performing very well, they are also partly bankrolling the West. And money talks.

Unless the democratic part of the world, like the Chinese, start saving and stop consuming on borrowed credit, democracy as a whole will loose out. The US and Europe are the worlds largest democracies and China is the world’s biggest dictatorship. It does matter who has the best performing economy in the world. To ignore that would be a fatal mistake. But for some reason it seems the West can not be bothered to make an effort to stop power slipping away. That the center of the world is moving I have known for a long time, but what surprises me is that the West doesn’t seem to do anything to stop it from happening, or at least delay it. Where’s the fighting spirit?

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