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Are you innovating on a continuous basis?

Nowadays the market is rapidly changing and a business has to adapt or die. Or better be a leading player who determines what change take place in their market. If you haven’t yet developed a culture of innovation, it’s high time you do.Read More

Holiday Reading: Learning – an access to having it all?

The day I stop learning I’m dead. And even when that day comes I will not know everything there is to know.

The day I stop learning I’m dead.

Nobody does, even Einstein said he is not an expert on anything, merely curious. Did you for instance know that sweating leaves produce electricity? Neither did I until I came across that revelation.

Learning is fascinating. Some days what we learn have a fundamental impact on our lives, some days it’s just minor things and sometimes we are forced to learn lessons we really could do without. But regardless, the important thing is that we learn and develop. If not, how can improvement take place? How boring life would be without constant learning and development. Imagine how inflexible people would be..

Ever met a person who has never had a problem?


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Crowdsourcing – the way of the future?

Will R&D departments be replaced by crowd sourcing? Or at least partly? Somewhere out there is the person who can find the missing piece for you. Do you dare to use crowd sourcing to find that expert?Read More

Do you know how to communicate to harvest ideas?

Apple, 3M and Google are prime examples of companies reaping the benefits of ideas generated by someone in their organisation. However, far too many companies still fail to benefit from the ideas of their staff. So how do you get colleagues to come forward with ideas they have for any area of the company? Read More