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Holiday Reading – James Bond to the rescue?

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Sometimes when I read the news it seems like a script to a new James Bond movie. Dr No is at it again with a 300,000 strong cyberarmy whose only purpose is to get into other countries secret networks. And Blofeld, or maybe Goldfinger, is helping countries deceive their citizens as well as an entire continent.

What’s 007 up to? Having a martini, shaken not stirred, or fighting Dr No’s cyberarmy?

How about when MI5 warned that Dr No is making a huge attempt at hacking into Western companies concentrating on defence, manufacturing, PR and law. They also said that “honeytraps” of beautiful girls were being used occasionally. Apparently it happened to the deputy mayor of London who woke up to find that he had been drugged by a pretty woman who downloaded secret files from his Blackberry while he was knocked out.

Dr No in cyberspace

If you believe the news, Dr No wants to use cyber warfare to destroy vital infrastructure in the West in areas like government, finance, business, military and defence. And the irony is that many of his cyberarmy soldiers have actually been educated at top institutions in the West.

The worst, according to Wired, is that nobody is immune to this kind of APT attacks. And they seem to happen mainly to companies and countries of interest to Dr No, who deny the allegations.

Blofeld’s evil genius at work

Some Euro countries current economic trouble was kept hidden for a long time with the help of Blofelt who, for a hefty fee, assisted them with sweeping their problems under the carpet to make Europe believe everything was fine. Nothing illegal just questionable from an ethic point of view and very profitable for Blofeld. He was also very active in orchestrating the global recession by all kinds of actions that almost brought down the entire American banking system and not to forget the substantial part he played in bringing AIG to its knees. With the Blofelds of this world it would have been tricky even for James Bond to do anything since they are not breaking the law. But that could be solved by his license to kill.

Where’s 007?

The continuation of the scripts would be M asking Miss Moneypenny to find 007. In his meeting with M Bond would be told everything is at his disposal to fix the problems. And as we know, James Bond always succeeds. No doubt he would have innovative and helpful gadgets from Q that would give him the upper hand, not least, in cyberspace. Can’t help wondering what 007 would need to do to succeed in the current scripts? And who would be the “honeytrap” Bond girl that would change sides to help him out?

Good and plausible scripts for Bond movies, don’t you think? Highlights how thin the line between fiction and reality is. If you believe everything you read in the news, that is. With a long background in media I am aware that not everything you read is true. Many times the negative aspects are blown out of proportion and facts are sometimes simply just invented. But there is at least a grain of truth in these stories.

Fiction is often based on reality but the latest ventures of Blofeld and Dr No, again, proves that it works the other way round as well. Maybe the perpetrators actually got their inspiration from fiction? Maybe I’m not far of when guessing on Dr No and Blofeld?

For your eyes only

Blofeld’s actions must, so far at least, have harmed the world more than Dr No has?

Makes you wonder if we live in a real world or life is like a Bond movie, doesn’t it? As long as the Dr Nos and Blofelds of this world are not caught and brought to justice they thrive. But the good news is that after going through a multitude of difficulties 007 always succeeds and end up having a wonderful time with the Bond girl. So let’s hope the real world will play out like that.

Considering the troubles caused by Snowden maybe it’s time for intelligence services to, again, revert to “for your eyes ony” dossiers? That way further embarrassment could be prevented.

Begs the question where is James Bond at the moment? Hopefully not with a beautiful “honeytrap” that doesn’t see the error of her ways. Much better that he is speeding in his Aston Martin through the streets of London to attend a meeting with M. Or maybe he is actually recording a new Bond movie based on the above scripts? If so I wonder if the villain will be Dr No or Blofeld? Which one of them has caused most harm? Despite Dr Nos cyberarmy I tend to believe that Blofeld’s schemes have, at least up until now, been more harmful to the world.

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