Do you like Harvard’s new approach to leadership?

Harvard, leadership, Bill George, team work

Leadership in the 21st century has changed. In less than a minute Bill George, Faculty Chair, Authentic Leadership Development at Harvard tells you how: What Bill George has to say speaks for itself. He is very clear on how he and his faculty at Harvard believe leadership is currently changing. Do you agree that leadership has […]

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Are you a disruptive innovator?

disruptive innovator

If you are a start-up challenging an industry giant, that’s the way to succeed. Watch this short video outlining Harvard Professor Clay Christensen’s landmark theory: The video speaks for itself. Or as one commenter put it: “Fantastic HBR explanation on the strategies that small companies use to disrupt larger companies. For large companies to fight back, they […]

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How do you make your strategy succeed?


Complicated strategies often fail. Watch this short video with Donald Sull, London Business School professor, telling Harvard how by asking three questions you can break down complex strategies into simple steps that make a difference: Strategies are important. But sometimes even great strategies have absolutely no impact on an organisation. And unfortunately the problem is […]

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What makes you follow a leader?


There are a lot of bad leaders in this world. So what makes people follow a leader? Maybe Gareth Jones, London Business School fellow, has the answer? Watch this short Harvard video with him outlining what gives leaders loyal followers: The current lack of fait in leaders is lamentable. Gareth Jones is absolutely right when he […]

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What’s your strategy?

michael porter

Before you answer the question, you may benefit from watching  “What is Strategy?”, a short video with Harvard professor Michael Porter: Interesting video, isn’t it. After watching it, can you now  distinguish between operational effectiveness and strategy? You can read more on Michael Parter’s view on the subject in Harvard Business Review’s article “What is strategy?” […]

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Do you thrive in the social era?

Are you, or want to be, a game changer? Do you use the power of your ideas and connections to grow and change? Watch Nilofer Merchant, strategist and author,” in one minute tell Harvard how the way we do business is changing: We don’t  create value on our own but when we connect with other entities, people […]

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Do you agree with Harvard that global people are more creative?

If you live abroad and work or study you are likely to be more creative, a better problem solver, start new businesses, be a better manager, get promoted and create new products. Provided that you integrate and adapt to the countries where you live and become bi- or multicultural.

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Do you know how to defuse difficult people?

Neutralising difficult people is crucial not only in business but in all areas of life. Devote 3 minutes to watching Nina Godiwalla, CEO of Mindworks, telling Harvard  how we can change our reaction:  Nina trains executives and most of them are of the opinion that their biggest challenge is other people’s behavior. Does it sound familiar? Change […]

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Are grades being inflated?

Do universities care too much about what students and parents want and give students better grades than they deserve? The Economist takes a quick look at how it works at Ivy League universities: The video speaks for itself. We have the same phenomena going on in Europe. Even at high schools. Isn’t it better to give students […]

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Are you a global asset?

Global experience is more important than education when it comes to succeeding in business, according to Anna Tavis, head of talent and development at Brown Brothers Harriman. If she is right, not only will the way global businesses are run change drastically, a different kind of people will be in charge. Devote 4 minutes to watching […]

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