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Branding for success in our global world!

Everything and everyone is a product. A country, a city, a company, a product, a service a person – yes you and me included. And how the market perceives the product determines its value. Read More

What will happen to global growth?

There’s a lot of nervousness about the outlook for global economic growth. Will the pace and location of growth in the world change? What impact will our aging population have? Jaana Remes and Richard Dobbs, partners of McKinsey Global Institute, discuss what will happen in this short video:

In 1964 the world economy was approximately the size of China’s economy today in terms of purchasing power. Since then we have had a remarkable era of growth on a global scale. In the last 50 years the global economy has become 6 times larger. The reason is two-fold; the labour pool expanded and productivity for all those workers increased.

Demographic tailwind

The global economy has on average grown 3,6 percent per year the last half century...

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Shifting wealth of nations – what is overlooked

Needless to say the world is focusing on China and India due to its huge populations as well as rapidly rising economies and middle classes. Correct if you look at the amount of people. But by looking at the issue that way we overlook a very potent and prosperous group of people. Read More

Ever heard of emerging generosity?

Yes, that’s right, wealthy donors from developing countries, notably China and India. They are increasingly giving, donating, caring and sympathizing. Not, as some of you may think, just sell and take. And it’s not only a new phenomena. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have actually been quiet donors for decades.

Maarc Zuckerberg with Chinese actor, philanthropist and founder of the Jet Li One Foundation. Should not he get the same kind of recognition as Western philanthropists?

Marc Zuckerberg with Jet Li, Chinese actor, philanthropist and founder of the Jet Li One Foundation. Shouldn’t he get the same kind of recognition Western philanthropists get?

Global philanthropy

And they are not just generous at home but on a global scale. Profound cultural change and consumers at home starting to demand what their counterparts in the West are demanding are some of the reasons behind...

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Are you joining the “Made for China” trend?

An increasing number of Western brands are launching new products, or even brands, catering to consumers in emerging markets. That’s where the money is right now, and Western brands are still favored over local ones Read More

Africa growing faster than Asia?

The fastest growing country in the world is actually Angola. No you didn't get it wrong. China comes second followed by Nigeria, Ethiopia, Chad, Mozambique and Rwanda, all growing at least 8% a year. So has Africa's time finally come and will the continent now forge ahead? Read More

Do you agree with Zbigniew Brzezinski’s ideas about future global leadership?

America’s global supremacy is over, according to Brzesinski but he adds that the US still has an extremely important twin role to play. Watch him tell Chrystia Freeland why Vladimir Putin’s election will reverse political evolution in Russia and how the US should handle Syria:

Few individuals have had as much influence as Brzezinski when it comes to shaping US global policy and hence the world today. Since Jimmy Carter was president the ideas outlined in his book “The Grand Chessboard” have been like a bible for US administrations.

One nation can no longer dominate the world 

The days when one nation, or even one region could dominate the world the way Rome did 2,000 years ago, the Ottoman empire 500 years ago or the British empire a century ago, are, according to long-time national secu...

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Do you trust in God but not governments and businesses?

If so, you personify the findings of Edelman's 2012 Trust Barometer. Watch Chrystia Freeland talk to Richard Edelman about the current erosion of confidence in the workplace and governments:

Respondents in 25 countries indicate trust in government have declined with nine percent and that Brazil is the country where confidence in elected officials have fallen most.

Not surprisingly the debt ceiling debacle in the US, bailouts in the European Union, corruption in Brazil and India as well as the nuclear disaster in Japan are the main reasons behind the mistrust. And it's interesting to note that Westerners have lower faith in their governments than citizens of the developing world. 

Half the public distrust companies

Businesses need to be regulated according to half the participants in the ...

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Cyber war more likely than nuclear conflict?

The prospect of war with Iran is headline news. But how prepared are we for cyber threats? Or worse, the prospect of cyber space turning into a nuke? Devote four minutes to listen to what a high level delegation from Europol, Israel, NATO, the EU and US has to say on cyber security:

According to a new report on cybersecurity by Security & Defence Agenda, a think tank in Brussels, Sweden, Finland and Israel are best prepared for cyber attacks. Better even than the United States, Germany and Britain, which is alarming since the latter three are more likely to be targeted than Sweden and Finland. India, Brazil and Mexico on the other hand, rank near the bottom. 

More than half the respondents believe a cyber arms race is already going on and 36% are of the opinion that cybersecurity is more ...

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Is the West taxing itself out of business?

It's not a coincidence that most successful Western corporations were founded last century. Then it was still possible to build up a highly profitable company in the West. Nowadays however, that's easier said than done. Western tax authorities, led by Sweden followed by America, are tightening any loopholes there are.Read More