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Branding for success in our global world!

Everything and everyone is a product. A country, a city, a company, a product, a service a person – yes you and me included. And how the market perceives the product determines its value. Read More

Are you a strategic leader?

If not, maybe you would like to be? Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Jesper B. Sørensen says strategic leadership can be learnt. Listen to him outlining how to become strategic and how it enables you to turn an idea into a sustainable business:

An outstanding innovation is not enough. If you don’t have a strategy you easily get lost in the crowd and fail. If you are strategic you can however differentiate yourself from your competition.

Strategy is an ongoing process and a crucial part of what leadership is about. Every time you make a decision you are actually into strategy. Even when it comes to basics like how to allocate your resources. But for some reason a lot of people don’t realize that even simple decisions like that are strategy.

Demystifying strategy

A lot of pe...

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Are you innovating on a continuous basis?

Nowadays the market is rapidly changing and a business has to adapt or die. Or better be a leading player who determines what change take place in their market. If you haven’t yet developed a culture of innovation, it’s high time you do.Read More

Crowdsourcing – the way of the future?

Will R&D departments be replaced by crowd sourcing? Or at least partly? Somewhere out there is the person who can find the missing piece for you. Do you dare to use crowd sourcing to find that expert?Read More

Do you drive leadership through ambidexterity?

Get the flexibility to take initiatives, innovate at all levels and at the same time thrive at what you are already good at. Sounds too good to be true? Bruce Harreld, Faculty Chair at Harvard is all for that way of operating. He will tell you why in this really short video:

Simply put it’s not enough to look at what you are already good at and ignore potential new areas. Ambidextrous individuals hence drive leadership and take initiatives beyond the confines of their job.

When companies are ambidextrous they are able to adapt to new opportunities and at the same time have alignment around their existing activities. And, this is crucial, they allow leadership to emerge from all levels in the organisation.

Common sense – but frequently ignored

The economic crisis has had a positive impac...

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White House Maker Faire – Will it inspire innovation?

“Joey Marshmallow” fired his cannon at The White House a couple of years ago. The Joeys of America are driving the next era of innovation in the US. The White House hence wants to encourage  them by holding its first Maker Faire. Will such events inspire more Joeys amongst students and entrepreneurs? Have fun for a minute by watching this video with Joey:

Forget what your opinion of President Obama is and just look at the event for what it is. A way of getting young US innovators to come forward. What kid would not, like Joey, want to shoot a marshmallow in The White House?

After Joey fired his cannon he handed Obama a business card reading “Don’t be bored, make something”...

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Do you know how to communicate to harvest ideas?

Apple, 3M and Google are prime examples of companies reaping the benefits of ideas generated by someone in their organisation. However, far too many companies still fail to benefit from the ideas of their staff. So how do you get colleagues to come forward with ideas they have for any area of the company? Read More