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How many people live in shantytowns?

How do you map health clinics or water delivery sources in a slum? Humanitarian agencies will be seeking answers to these and other questions as vulnerable populations settle in a sea of shacks on the outskirts of cities and towns across the world in the next few years. Read More

Which economies will grow fastest this year?

Life is full of surprises and The Economist’s prediction may fall into that category. Watch this two-minute video outlining their forecast:

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking of huge successful economies like China and India, isn’t it. But obviously economies that have not really grown so far are going to be the success stories. Last year The Economist predicted Macau, Mongolia, Libya and The Gambia would be the fastest growing.  And The World Bank’s forecast was Mongolia, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Timor and Sierra Leone.

Developing countries

No matter what forecast, and there are many, they all point to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Central Asia and Latin America. South Sudan is frequently mentioned and the reason for that is very well explained in the video...

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How can Iraq be rebuilt when the money is stolen?

We have all heard about how officials and companies are making the money assigned to rebuild Iraq disappear. But did you know that recently there's even been a record number of US soldiers convicted of such theft and bribery? Read More

Is Ahmadinejad provoking a strike on Iran?

Just days after Obama voiced willingness to talk to Iran, Ahmadinejad claimed 9/11 had been trumped up as an excuse for the US to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Read More

Politicizing history serves no useful purpose

Why should today's politicians vote on what happened in another part of the world almost a hundred years ago? What purpose does it serve? Read More