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Should leaders be empathetic or firm?

Emphatic leaders are in high demand in the US. In the Nordic countries however, where empathy is an aspect of leadership, the debate is instead if leaders have become to compassionate. Read More

Are leadership and democracy truly compatible?

Can true democracy really be practiced in a business? Would one employee - one vote make it possible not only to run a company but also make profit? Read More

Are leaders told the whole truth?

The truth is hard to find, not least if you are in charge. Your colleagues will frequently, whether they are conscious about it or not, give you the answer they believe you want. Read More

Communication – The key to Successful Leadership!

It seems to me that we are making the art of leadership too complicated. There are umpteen theories that all have one thing in common – they work for some and for others they don't.Read More

Can you lead multicultural groups spread around the world?

Leadership can be challenging when you team consists of people of numerous nationalities and on top of it are in different locations all over the world. Devote 2 minutes to watching Anne Edmondson, Harvard Business School professor, outline her ideas on how to succeed:  

Geographically dispersed teams offer a lot of benefits – increased efficiency, cost savings, and enables you to choose team members with optimal skills, regardless of where in the world they are. Videoconferencing, intranet and email has already made that way of working an option that’s likely to become even more popular. Actually believe that’s how we will increasingly work in the future. 

To make a success of your global team, chose team players with the right characteristics and ensure that you have the best poss...

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Will future leaders have to expand their thinking?

Ever thought about what management will be like in the future? Former McKinsey director Stefan Heck and director Matt Rogers have. In this short video they discuss what leaders need to know in order to think in new ways about products, services, and technologies.

In the future leaders will need to be aware of things coming from completely new directions. They will have to notice neighbouring industries moving into their industry. Trends will increase to 20 percent per annum change as opposed to 2 – 3 percent at the moment.

Tomorrows managers will need to master everything from technology to human resources.

Tomorrows managers will need to master everything from technology to human resources.

Current management model out of date

Many experts are of the opinion that large companies today are run in ways that are seriously out-of-date...

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The best way to predict the future is to invent it!

What does your vision of the future look like? When you make colleagues travel with you, will they be able to visualize it and make an effort to achieve it? Read More

How inspiring leaders work

Successful leaders inspire, motivate, and positively influence people. Well practiced leadership enable job satisfaction, motivation and productivity. Read More

Can Mary Barra lead General Motors?

She will take over as CEO of General Motors this month. It’s actually the first time ever that a woman will lead a global automaker. What kind of woman does it take to lead such a male business? Listen to her views on leadership:

The video speaks for itself and shows that she understands not only leadership but the business of making cars.  But will that be enough to stop her  from having the problems most female leaders in large companies come across? Having to be twice as competent as a man and coping with men trying to get rid of them happens frequently to powerful women.

Do you believe Mary Barra has what it takes to lead General Motors? Is what she outlines in the video the kind of leadership it takes to lead the automaker? Will male colleagues in the male dominated sector respect...

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Does a leader need to know everything?

Why do so many heads of companies and organisations believe they have to know everything there is to know? In today's business climate it's impossible to master everythingRead More