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Do you know how Russian hackers accessed Obama’s email?

It’s lamentable that Russians managed to hack the email account of the most powerful man in the world. That not even the White House was protected against that kind of intrusions says a lot about how vulnerable we are in cyberspace. Watch Trend Micro‘s Dave Abramowitz talk about how it was done with Bloomberg‘s Alix Steel:

Isn’t it time that governments and businesses worldwide protect themselves against hackers. That the White House get outsmarted by Russian hackers is deplorable. And the list doesn’t stop there. Is there any major institution or company in the world that has not been hacked?

Pentagon hiring hackers

Personally am of the opinion that it’s excellent that the Pentagon is hiring 3000 hackers to fend off malicious attacks...

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Are you able to compromise?

Whatever you try to do in life that involves other people will almost certainly entail some kind of compromise. The White House sent me a video about finding a common ground when there was a stand off between democrats and republicans about the debt ceiling. However, finding a way forward that achieves the most important objective is something that applies to all of us no matter what we are trying to do:

Whether you like Obama and his policies or not isn’t what’s important here. To be broad minded and moving forward is what counts and it applies to all of us, regardless of beliefs, nationality and gender. What he said to young Americans of different political persuasions in Massachusetts illustrates the importance of striking a balance...

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Move over James Bond – here comes Flame!

Innovation is the name of the game and applies not only to businesses but espionage as well. Gone are the days when 007 was sent to sort out Blofeld. Bond is about to be made redundant and most of his work will be done online. Devote 2 minutes to watching  a cyber security expert explain the workings of espionage program Flame that is targeting governments and businesses in the Middle East:

Iran and Israel/Palestine have been the main targets which have made experts all over the world believe that America and/or Israel is behind it.

The New York Times have looked into Struxnet and Olympic Games (the code name given to it already by the Bush White House) for 18 months...

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Do you agree with Wikipedia that Sopa and Pipa amount to censorship?

Should the US government have the power to shut down web sites world wide? Or do you agree with Wikipedia and Google that the proposed bills amount to Chinese style online censorship? Devote 2 minutes to watching an informative video about the bills:

If congress pass the bills, anyone posting a home video online with a song playing in the background could in theory be accused of piracy and their site shut down. The Obama administration has stated it's not in favour of the proposed legislation since it threatens an innovative and open internet. So if worse comes to worse, the president could presumably veto it? Some members of congress however, are keen on the bills in order to please Hollywood and the musical industy. 

Would the bills be the end of internet as we know it?

This is what Wik...

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Investors have lost confidence in politicians – Have you?

The recent inability of US politicians to compromise have lead to US credit rating being downgraded. Add to that European politicians’ inadequate response to the debt crisis in the euro zone and it’s understandable markets are in turmoil. Politicians all over the world really need to step up to the plate and do something drastic to reduce the risks to the global economy. Read More

Is Ahmadinejad provoking a strike on Iran?

Just days after Obama voiced willingness to talk to Iran, Ahmadinejad claimed 9/11 had been trumped up as an excuse for the US to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Read More

America China – The Power is Moving!

According to the OECD, Western countries' debts in 2008 were equivalent of to 100% of their GDP. China on the other hand has a deficit equivalent of 21 percent of GDP. So not only is the Chinese economy performing very well, they are also partly bankrolling the West. And money talks. Read More

Obama blocked by the Supreme Court?

Can’t help reflecting on the limits of the power of a US president. Obama controls the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. But that’s not enough since unless the current balance in the Supreme Court is altered there is a limit to how much he can change America.

Obama surrounded by judges that can actually make a deeper mark on America than a president. Surely it can't be right that an unelected judge should wield such power?

Once confirmed by the Senate, justices sit for life and rule as they please, regardless of the expectations of the president who nominated them or the promises they gave the Senate in confirmation hearings. A long-serving justice can actually make a deeper mark on America than a president...

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Corporate takeover of US elections?

Shouldn't US voters know what corporation or interest group they are voting for? One American expressed his views very clearly on Reuters: "Our politicians should dress like racing drivers – they openly show the logos of who is paying the bills. At the race track the sponsors want to be known. In Washington the sponsors do not want to be known. I do not think Washington understands integrity or “transparency”.Read More

Will regulating banks avert another global crisis?

The G20 group's discussions this weekend may lead to banks and other financial institutions having to pay two new taxes to fund future bail-outs. Good timing that a former Goldman CDO man just published a novel he wrote "about the cliched high life I had been living while creating and selling billions upon billions of these securitization and credit derivative products, now better known as 'toxic assets". Read More