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Holiday Reading – James Bond to the rescue?

Sometimes when I read the news it seems like a script to a new James Bond movie. Dr No is at it again with a 300,000 strong cyberarmy whose only purpose is to get into other countries secret networks. And Blofeld, or maybe Goldfinger, is helping countries deceive their citizens as well as an entire continent. Read More

Has James Bond become too commercial?

The latest James Bond film Skyfall’s high product placement is attracting criticism. Devote 2 minutes to listen to Dow Jones‘s Nick Hastings questioning if 007 has gone too corporate:

When it comes to Quantum of Solace that was released in 2008 I felt a bit like I was watching a computer made commercial. The fact that the plot is almost non existent also allows the person watching to interpret it any way he/she wants.  Just like a successful commercial.

What’s wrong with Vodka Martini – shaken not stirred?

Ian Flemming is most likely turning in his grave knowing Bond is now drinking Heineken beer. Watch previous Bonds order a “shaken – not stirred” 

Why didn’t the producers of Skyfall get a brand of vodka or Martini to sponsor the movie? “Shaken not stirred” is an essential and famous a...

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