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How many people live in shantytowns?

How do you map health clinics or water delivery sources in a slum? Humanitarian agencies will be seeking answers to these and other questions as vulnerable populations settle in a sea of shacks on the outskirts of cities and towns across the world in the next few years. Read More

Are you joining the “Made for China” trend?

An increasing number of Western brands are launching new products, or even brands, catering to consumers in emerging markets. That’s where the money is right now, and Western brands are still favored over local ones Read More

How politicians are branded & promoted

Mitt Romney’s campaign wanted the stage for the Republican convention to convey warmth and openness, just like Oprah. Add to that endorsements from a devoted wife, a former Secretary of State and a Hollywood star and his likeability was improved. Watch this really short New York Times video on how it was done:

Does Mitt Romney stand for empathy? And is he the devoted family man his 63 year old wife Ann fondly talks about? Impossible to know for the majority of voters. But that’s what the design studio that also creates sleek sets for Oprah Winfrey succeeded in conveying.

Slick packaging is what it’s all about

Kissing and hugging husband and wife and eye candy the audience can consume...

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Will US companies have problems doing business in Russia?

Russia joins the WTO in August and is primed for growth. But U.S. companies may find it difficult to benefit because of a Cold War- era law restricting American companies from doing business in the U.S.S.R. It looks like the repeal of it will be passed by the Senate in august. But if it contains a reference to the Magnitsky bill US companies may still face difficulties in Russia. Devote 3 minutes to watching Chrystia Freeland talk to Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman and CEO of Alcoa about Russia joining the WTO: 

As you know, Russia is one of the BRIC countries and the rest of the world is eagerly hoping to benefit from more trade with Russia as soon as it’s WTO membership starts this August .

Russian intelligence establishment still have cold war mentality? 

But even when the US cold w...

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Move over James Bond – here comes Flame!

Innovation is the name of the game and applies not only to businesses but espionage as well. Gone are the days when 007 was sent to sort out Blofeld. Bond is about to be made redundant and most of his work will be done online. Devote 2 minutes to watching  a cyber security expert explain the workings of espionage program Flame that is targeting governments and businesses in the Middle East:

Iran and Israel/Palestine have been the main targets which have made experts all over the world believe that America and/or Israel is behind it.

The New York Times have looked into Struxnet and Olympic Games (the code name given to it already by the Bush White House) for 18 months...

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Do you agree with Zbigniew Brzezinski’s ideas about future global leadership?

America’s global supremacy is over, according to Brzesinski but he adds that the US still has an extremely important twin role to play. Watch him tell Chrystia Freeland why Vladimir Putin’s election will reverse political evolution in Russia and how the US should handle Syria:

Few individuals have had as much influence as Brzezinski when it comes to shaping US global policy and hence the world today. Since Jimmy Carter was president the ideas outlined in his book “The Grand Chessboard” have been like a bible for US administrations.

One nation can no longer dominate the world 

The days when one nation, or even one region could dominate the world the way Rome did 2,000 years ago, the Ottoman empire 500 years ago or the British empire a century ago, are, according to long-time national secu...

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Cyber war more likely than nuclear conflict?

The prospect of war with Iran is headline news. But how prepared are we for cyber threats? Or worse, the prospect of cyber space turning into a nuke? Devote four minutes to listen to what a high level delegation from Europol, Israel, NATO, the EU and US has to say on cyber security:

According to a new report on cybersecurity by Security & Defence Agenda, a think tank in Brussels, Sweden, Finland and Israel are best prepared for cyber attacks. Better even than the United States, Germany and Britain, which is alarming since the latter three are more likely to be targeted than Sweden and Finland. India, Brazil and Mexico on the other hand, rank near the bottom. 

More than half the respondents believe a cyber arms race is already going on and 36% are of the opinion that cybersecurity is more ...

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Do you agree with Merkel that it will take years to solve the Euro crisis?

Are Angela Merkel's ideas the best way to solve the Euro crisis? Does it have to take years and hardship for the European people to get Europe on the right track again?Read More

Cyber Warfare – Hackers to the rescue?

Internet-based attacks on critical systems such as gas, power and water have increased around the world. So it’s high time for the world to wake up drastically increase online safety. The most intelligent solution I have come across is the way Israel is handling the problem. Read More

Russia joining the Euro?

Last week Vladimir Putin said it is "quite possible" that Russia will one day join the eurozone thus creating a currency that would replace the US dollar as the global reserve standard. This comes as it’s still unclear if the Euro can even survive the current sovereign debt crisis. Read More