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Should leaders be empathetic or firm?

Emphatic leaders are in high demand in the US. In the Nordic countries however, where empathy is an aspect of leadership, the debate is instead if leaders have become to compassionate. Read More

Be yourself – instead of – parroting

Can’t help wondering what so many people on social media are doing just parroting others? Or coping and pasting. And what’s worse that seems to account for part of what’s called creativity today. Read More

Are you joining the “Made for China” trend?

An increasing number of Western brands are launching new products, or even brands, catering to consumers in emerging markets. That’s where the money is right now, and Western brands are still favored over local ones Read More

China the new Wall Street?

Is the centre of global finance gradually moving from Wall Street to China? Goldman's vice chairman Mark Schwartz has been sent to Beijing, the new battleground for foreign banks. China is dominating Asia IPOs and the street has decided that's where the money is. Devote 3 minutes to watching Breakingviews' Wayne Arnold and Wei Gu talk about why the focus is moving to Beijing:

When it comes to capital markets Chins today is where the US was in the late 70s. For anyone, apart from multinational companies, to raise capital is almost impossible. But then came the 80s and suddenly virtually all US companies could. China is now going through a similar transition. So for international banks being downgraded by rating agencies, such as Moody's, the timing is perfect for moving in. 

China opening ...

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Cyber war more likely than nuclear conflict?

The prospect of war with Iran is headline news. But how prepared are we for cyber threats? Or worse, the prospect of cyber space turning into a nuke? Devote four minutes to listen to what a high level delegation from Europol, Israel, NATO, the EU and US has to say on cyber security:

According to a new report on cybersecurity by Security & Defence Agenda, a think tank in Brussels, Sweden, Finland and Israel are best prepared for cyber attacks. Better even than the United States, Germany and Britain, which is alarming since the latter three are more likely to be targeted than Sweden and Finland. India, Brazil and Mexico on the other hand, rank near the bottom. 

More than half the respondents believe a cyber arms race is already going on and 36% are of the opinion that cybersecurity is more ...

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Is Iran stronger than the West believes?

Tehran says it not only will, but is ready to, counter attacks from Israel and the United States. They are angry about the new sanctions and have threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz. Devote 6 minutes to watching an interesting video with Seyed Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran explaining how Iran looks at the current stand off:

After watching the video do you believe Iran is not only stronger, but also more of a threat, than the West wants to believe? Is Tehran capable of causing more trouble than the world needs at the moment? Do you agre with Seyed Mohammad Marandi that it's actually the United States that's being provocative? Who's actually at fault here, Iran, the US, both of them or a more complicated scenario?

With Iranian scientists being assassinated and the reg...

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Cyber Warfare – Hackers to the rescue?

Internet-based attacks on critical systems such as gas, power and water have increased around the world. So it’s high time for the world to wake up drastically increase online safety. The most intelligent solution I have come across is the way Israel is handling the problem. Read More

What would have been gained by capturing Osama bin Laden alive?

Can’t help wondering why two UN Human Rights watchdogs and the Archbishop of Canterbury seem to believe the world would have been a better place if “Geronimo” had been captured alive? Read More

Interconnected for better or for worse?

Understand how the markets work, but isn't it incredible that a financial crisis made in America can even hit Saudi Arabia. Not only is the kingdom on the other side of the globe, it also has more money than any other country in the world.Read More