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Branding for success in our global world!

Everything and everyone is a product. A country, a city, a company, a product, a service a person – yes you and me included. And how the market perceives the product determines its value. Read More

How many people live in shantytowns?

How do you map health clinics or water delivery sources in a slum? Humanitarian agencies will be seeking answers to these and other questions as vulnerable populations settle in a sea of shacks on the outskirts of cities and towns across the world in the next few years. Read More

Do you know how to succeed globally?

Whatever your feelings about the Chinese, you have to give them credit for swiftly becoming a global power. It’s estimated that this year China will overtake the US and become the largest economy in the world. So what made them so successful? Watch this short video about the strategies that worked for them:

If you are already an exporter you will most likely notice that their mode of operating is no different from successful exporters of any other nationality.

But what if you haven’t yet started working outside your own country? The market is irrevocably global. Already successful at home? Then, what’s stopping you from going global? A good product or service can be successful all over the world.

Get the facts and figures

Exporting isn’t rocket science...

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How can foreign businesses succeed in China?

Western companies having problems in China is a popular topic in media. But some foreign businesses actually thrive there. Watch this short Stanford video with Gary Locke, U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, about how foreign businesses can succeed:

According to Ambassador Locke, “one way is to find a Chinese partner and build your business from the ground up including jointly pursuing R&D”. When the Chinese have a stake in your business they are more likely to support it. That’s how, for instance, IBM Research operate their research centers in China.

Protect intellectual property and trade secrets

Ambassador Locke cautions that having Chinese partners pose challenges as well...

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Africa growing faster than Asia?

The fastest growing country in the world is actually Angola. No you didn't get it wrong. China comes second followed by Nigeria, Ethiopia, Chad, Mozambique and Rwanda, all growing at least 8% a year. So has Africa's time finally come and will the continent now forge ahead? Read More

Let’s deprive people smugglers of their income!

Criminal syndicates are increasingly turning from smuggling drugs to human cargo, and governments and law-enforcement agencies are, despite huge efforts, not able to do much about it. Watch Angelina Jolie talk about the desperation of refugees that make them turn to people smugglers:

Unfortunately it's not just between Africa and the Arabian peninsula people are being smuggled. And lamentably there is only so much humanitarian organisations can do to alleviate suffering. 

Who benefits apart from the smugglers?

Frequently Africans are then smuggled from the Middle East to Europe at the cost of approximately $10,000 per person. The most popular destinations are Scandinavia and Britain...

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How can Iraq be rebuilt when the money is stolen?

We have all heard about how officials and companies are making the money assigned to rebuild Iraq disappear. But did you know that recently there's even been a record number of US soldiers convicted of such theft and bribery? Read More

Is China today doing what the US did yesterday?

When democracies lose economic power democracy is weakened. America and Europe are suffering from lack of vision and strategy while China's tactics are working.Read More

Investors have lost confidence in politicians – Have you?

The recent inability of US politicians to compromise have lead to US credit rating being downgraded. Add to that European politicians’ inadequate response to the debt crisis in the euro zone and it’s understandable markets are in turmoil. Politicians all over the world really need to step up to the plate and do something drastic to reduce the risks to the global economy. Read More

Economic crash in China – or again – in the US?

Looking at recent predictions about where the Chinese and US economies are heading really echoes the cold war. But the arguments are valid and if either, or both of them, crash it would badly destabilize the entire global economy. Read More