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Do you agree with Joseph Stiglitz that inequality is a threat to growth and stability?

China recognises the danger of inequality while in the West politicians are silently implementing policies that increase the gap between rich and poor. Watch Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz discuss the pheonomena with Vanity Fair Contributing editor, William Cohan:

Interesting video, isn’t it. Above all how China and the U.S. are responding to the threat rising inequality pose to economic growth and stability. And it is not only in the United States that politicians are actively and quietly making sure the gap between rich and poor is growing. Believe it or not, but even in Sweden the government is implementing policies that take from the poor and give to the rich. So it comes as no surprise that poverty is increasing.

American approach to rising inequality

Simply put; doing...

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Move over James Bond – here comes Flame!

Innovation is the name of the game and applies not only to businesses but espionage as well. Gone are the days when 007 was sent to sort out Blofeld. Bond is about to be made redundant and most of his work will be done online. Devote 2 minutes to watching  a cyber security expert explain the workings of espionage program Flame that is targeting governments and businesses in the Middle East:

Iran and Israel/Palestine have been the main targets which have made experts all over the world believe that America and/or Israel is behind it.

The New York Times have looked into Struxnet and Olympic Games (the code name given to it already by the Bush White House) for 18 months...

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Politicizing history serves no useful purpose

Why should today's politicians vote on what happened in another part of the world almost a hundred years ago? What purpose does it serve? Read More