Tough times never last – But tough people do

A multitude of people are going through a tough time at the moment. Even millions of Europeans who have been spared for decades. When feeling hopeless, it's important to remember that what's not possible today may be possible tomorrow. Winston Churchill understood that nothing is impossible – the impossible only takes longer. He rallied the British people behind him, they went through hardship together but eventually succeeded:

The spirit of Churchill is well described in a book I came across by Robert H. Schuller with the title “Tough times never last – But tough people do” years ago in a bookstore in the United Arab Emirates. Loved the title so much I bought it. Unfortunately the book didn't live up to its wonderful title. But "Tough times never last, but tough people do" – that 's how life works, isn't it? No matter what happens you must never give up but keep on trying until you succeed. If not, you are doomed. You must build new bridges and move on. And that's simply not possible if you start feeling sorry for yourself. Be strong, positive, innovative and courageous and it's just a question of how long it takes before you achieve what you are aiming for.

Rome wasn't built in a day

But Rome wasn't built in a days, so don't expect results overnight. An Indian woman I knew in Dubai had a note by her desk saying “God's delays are not God's denials”, and that's so true. Sometimes it is as if life is testing you to see if you really have what it takes to succeed. If you give up whenever there's a set-back you will never succeed. And set-backs there will be, no matter what you try to achieve. It's just a question of constantly finding solutions.

Yes, it's boring I know. But what's the alternative? Everybody would like plain sailing but things are never as easy as they seem, unfortunately. So you have to have faith in yourself and your ability to succeed. If you don't have, why should anybody else?

Nothing is impossible – the impossible only takes longer

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only takes longer, as Churchill said. Now is the time for you to aim for the impossible. Because what's worthwhile many times seem impossible until you have succeeded. What's the point in aiming for something you are not passionate about? If you are not really determined to get what you aim for you will never succeed anyway but give up at the smallest adversity. And in times like these when things are really changing the odds of going for the impossible and succeed are even higher.

Be flexible and open to new possibilities

So set your goal, make a plan and start taking action to get there step by step. And be flexible since once you know what you want you will find new ways that will be milestones on your road to success.

Whenever I really want something I always succeed. It's just a question of how long it takes. Sometimes I even succeed way beyond expectations. The first time I was in Saudi Arabia on a short assignment for a business magazine I found it so interesting I wanted to spend more time there. So I made up my mind I was going to do that. Little did I think that once I was there again working for another publication I would be headhunted and become the only Western woman ever to have held a senior management position in a one hundred percent Saudi owned company in Riyadh. And not just a small company but a diversified conglomerate with 10,000 employees. Didn't even think that was possible.

Think big

Think big, aim for the stars! It doesn't matter if it's for your company, career or whatever, set your goals high. What's the point in using up the energy it takes to just achieve something mediocre? Dare, try, take a risk, learn and be determined. And don't count your chickens before they hatch. Keep your goals to yourself and just do it. When the road turns, turn or you will end up by the side of the road. Broadcasting what you are going to do to all and sundry isn't always a good idea. Not least since some will try to talk you out of it. What do you, for instance, think people would have told Obama ten years ago if he had told them he was going to be president of the United States?

You will be hit in the head a few times until you get reach your goals. But remember, the person who experiences most wins. All serious daring starts from within so make sure you are physically and mentally fit since not only does it make you happier, think better but it also gives you the energy to succeed, even when you have set-backs. Don't forget that people who have really achieved something big in this world have, on average, lost everything they had 3,1 times. Life isn't easy, but to make the most out of it is entirely up to you.

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37 Responses to “Tough times never last – But tough people do”

  1. Osama Ghanim Says:

    Very inspiring.
    I learned (already recorded) two things, thank you.
    I wish you have just mentioned the importance of INNOVATION in the same direction. History proves that no single down time passed without an emerging new Innovation in either the results or in the approach. We can either wait to watch or we can start to be part of those who innovate something. A personal believe.
    Osama Ghanim

  2. adamsoney Says:

    yeah you are right, always thing are not coming by easy way , it will take time efforts…
    to acheive what we want we most have little patience and draw map to our future so that we can know where are we heading with out geting lost.
    even though the bright look or the optimisim is the key to success definitely wit no any doubt its like that.
    other wise our life would be nonsense

  3. catarinaalexon Says:

    Osama, innovation is part of the concept, goes without saying. If you don't "innovate" yourself, what are you going to achieve?

    Adam, be positive and determined and as Churchill said, "the impossible only takes longer"!

  4. GuyW Says:

    The old adage, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" is so true. It's times like this that show character and determination.

    If you are prepared to persevere, you will achieve your goals. To do so, you must have your goals clear in your mind and visualise yourself achieving them, then single-mindedly work towards them. Be prepared to suffer setbacks along the road, for life seldom delivers things easily, but keep persevering.

    As Thomas Watson – the legendary leader of IBM from the 1920s to the 1950s, and the man credited with building it into the giant it is today – said, "Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn’t at all. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it, So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember that’s where you will find success."

    Now’s the time to look for opportunities – many will emerge from this global recession as ways of doing business change.

  5. admin Says:

    Agree with you completely Guy!

  6. Jonathan Harris Says:

    "Tough times never last – but tough people do"

    "When the going gets tough – the tough get going"

    Very apposite quotes for the times. There are going to be a lot more people who are a lot tougher after the current credit crunch and global recession.

    Let's hope that those that may be tough, but do not have the economic or political power to exploit that toughness for whatever reason; growing up in a country without prospects, education, democracy or security, or personal disadvantage through disability etc do not get squashed on the way!

  7. admin Says:

    Jonathan I hope so too

  8. ASH Says:

    Catarina Alexon,let me first thank you for the information.

    This for you,just few words…

    “We are not the one to be Compromised
    We are the one to be Improvised
    As I am not always a perfect Being to be Summarized
    But your writings paved roads towards a New definitions that will be Memorized by me and many Life’s yet be Compromised ”

  9. Elaine Says:

    Great and timely message. And very much in line with a book I'm reading called "Thinking for a Change" by John Maxwell. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  10. catarinaalexon Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Elaine!

  11. M Freeston Says:

    Hi Catarina,

    Another lazy sunny Sunday morning with time to check in on your blog…as always well written and timely. Most successful people or wanna b's have learned this behaviour but then life keeps getting in the way and they must keep reminding themselves…Also your comment of dreaming big is so true…I have learned a long time ago that the bigger opportunities, whether it is career, partners or friends there is less competition at the top as few believe they can get it…
    My grandfather always told me to think big, takes about the same time…like filling out a loan application only the amount is different…

    There are a lot of quotes defining this…"the gold may only be one more foot down!" "the only thing we truly have is the power of choice", "you are the only problem you will ever have", etc.

    "Adversity….do not fear the winds of adversity, remember a kite rises against the wind rather than with it….""

    Catarina thanks for the reminder….

    Back to my Sunday coffee and quiet life…

  12. catarinaalexon Says:

    Sounds like you had a good lazy Sunday morning reminding you not to be "lazy" when it comes to succeeding!

  13. jepaladino Says:

    Excellent post. I particularly liked the quote: "Nothing is impossible, the impossible only takes longer," as Churchill said. I've found that passion is a key driver. You have to love what you do. I can't say that's always been the case for me. But I'm trying to live "in the moment" and go for what I want. If not now, when?

  14. Keyuri Joshi Says:

    Wow… really liked this post for its inspiration. There's a magnet on my fridge that says "there's magic in thinking big." That coupled with Churchill style pereverance and a continually fortified backbone does result in success. I wish more kids could learn this type of resilience. We'd see so much more strength, creativity, and productivity in the world. Really great post Catarina!
    My recent post How a Life Coach and Mom Kicked Stress to the Curb!

  15. CTherrien Says:

    I love this post! Good timing too. Wonderful words of encouragement! :)

  16. catarinaalexon Says:

    Glad you do, Cheryl!

  17. catarinaalexon Says:

    Thanks Keyuri! We all need inspiration now and then.

  18. Bindhurani Says:

    My daughter was telling recently to motivate me: Beethoven wrote over 1000 symphonies. But only a few became famous . The point is keep on doing. Don't worry about the not so perfect project.

  19. Lubna Says:

    Know what? This post reinforced my aim to be flexible. If Plan A isn’t work, yes it is time to look at Plan B, even if it may not be as attractive (but then it is better than nothing). Have a nice week ahead.
    My recent post The Devotion of Suspect X

  20. catarinaalexon Says:

    Good point your daughter made, Bindhurani. She is right.

  21. catarinaalexon Says:

    Glad it reinforced your aim to be flexible Lubna. Sometimes we have to do what we don't feel like doing in order to succeed.

  22. GuyW Says:

    Thanks for reposting, Catarina.

    Particularly apt this morning as the markets try to figure out what the impact of the new French President will be on the Eurozone.

    Still, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" and it seems Brussels and London are looking forward to an influx of wealthy French people looking to escape the promised punitive taxes…

  23. catarinaalexon Says:

    My pleasure Guy. At the moment socialism is the lesser evil in Europe. The alternative is the far right that's also on the rise.

  24. catarinaalexon Says:

    Glad you do Pat. "The new world with all it's power and might, will step worth to the rescue"…Yes that's a wonderful quote isn't it Pat.

  25. Susan Cooper Says:

    Your post is very timely for me. I love your quote. I hit a wall and it made me take a step back which i wrote about in… It is easy to quit. It is hard to press on when it seems the odds are against you. I have found that when life presents a challenge it is time to work towards a solution. Thank you for your post.
    My recent post A Blogger’s Favorite Quote: Krystle Cook & My “Kreativ Blogger” Award!!!

  26. James Reed Says:

    Perseverance, endurance and a positive mental attitude. Great article.

  27. catarinaalexon Says:

    Thank you James. Don't forget to go against the crowd if you wish to succeed:-)

  28. catarinaalexon Says:

    Glad you like it Susan. Everybody comes across hardship in their lives. Just a question of what walls we hit. And these troubled times are horrendous for millions of people. We all have to support each other and keep on trying until we succeed.

  29. Steve Says:

    I like what you said: "If you don't "innovate" yourself, what are you going to achieve?"

    Toughing up also requires being flexible. It's kind of a paradox(?) but it's true.

  30. catarinaalexon Says:

    Glad you agree with me Steve.

  31. Sarjo Bayang Says:

    Very much striking Catarina. This bit makes good sense:

    "Broadcasting what you are going to do to all and sundry isn't always a good idea. Not least since some will try to talk you out of it."

    It is this inept feeling in many people that if they are unable to do it, nobody else under the blue sky will. There are more unknown, untested, untried, and unsuccessful situations that imagination could not expand on. Lot of people simply give up even before trying. I call it lack of enterprising orientation. Truly enterprising persons command everything that strikes their mind one bit. The world has potentially enterprising genius sitting to be uncovered and gainfully tapped. It is not happening because the other numbers are greater; least enterprising. To succeed and keep winning, you must stay in the drving seat or get others drive through your enterprising influence.

  32. catarinaalexon Says:

    Glad we are of the same opinion, Sarjo.

  33. catarinaalexon Says:

    Glad you like it Bethany. On average people who really succeed lose everthing they had several times, according to statistics. Personally don't think I'm in that league i.e. Henry Ford & others. Another way of looking at being hit in the head is being turned down. Am currently reading the biography on Warren Buffett. Harvard turned him down and so did Wall Street. In 1991 an abundance of investors laughed at him for not investing in IT stocks. When he explained that very few of those companies would not survive, people said he had lost it.

  34. Mika Castro Says:

    That's totally true. We must accept that time will still flow even if our thing is don or not. However, people with this kind of hindrances still face it.
    My recent post אתר סלולרי

  35. catarinaalexon Says:

    Yes Mika, we all have to make an effort and be "tough" no matter what.

  36. catarinaalexon Says:

    Good points that are absolutely correct, Sylvia.

  37. George Says:

    The world is changing fast. Those who are smart today are not smart tomorrow. Judgement may go wrong, bad investment decisions, job loss etc. make life miserable for many.
    My recent post All About Preparing a Guest Post

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