How Wagner helped Francis Coppola succeed

The power of music is immense, to put it mildly. And it has been used and abused throughout history.  Watch Wagner’s music through the eyes and ears of Francis Coppola:

Francis Coppola won an Oscar for best film music for Apocalypse Now. And that’s where Richard Wagner and his The Ride of The Valkyries come in.

It’s amazing how the music contribute to enhancing our experience of the movie, isn’t it? Imagine the scene without Wagner’s music. It wouldn’t be as powerful would it? Can you actually imagine movies without music? The experience would be diminished, wouldn’t it?

Using or abusing music

Wagner and his music is perhaps the best example ever of how music can be used and abused.

Most people get married with The Wedding March from Lohengrin played when the bride enters church. The Nazis however used Wagner’s music for propaganda purposes because he was Hitler’s favourite composer.

So we have the contradiction of some people associating Wagner with getting married and some with the Nazi party and Hitler. Couples getting married are hence using Wagner’s music in a, presumably, positive sense while the Nazis abused it to serve their own needs. They did the same to the swastika symbol which is now, thanks to the Third Reich, associated with murder and oppression. That’s far from the symbol of spiritual victory it has been for milleniums.

Associations die hard, unfortunately

Interesting how a movement can taint a symbol or music and make it suddenly stand for their ideology, isn’t it? Wagner was controversial but he was dead and gone long before Hitler and the Nazis came to power. And the swastika had been a positive symbol for thousands of years.

Truly wish the people that are still using Wagner’s music as a reminder of the holocaust would instead use Nazi songs like Horst Wessel’s Die Fahne Hoch. That would be truly appropriate. But as long as some people link Wagner to the Nazis we all have to take that into account.

Music enforce your message

Different music puts you in different moods and makes you feel different. That’s why music in commercials has such powerful affects. It makes you feel a certain way about what’s being offered. The music can even make people purchase something they wouldn’t otherwise have been interested in. For better or for worse.

Chose the wrong music at your peril

People can also be put off by the choice of music. Sometimes even by the fact that music has been added to a web site and starts playing the minute you click on it can make you leave a site.

So it’s essential to know when music will have a positive affect and make a choice that will benefit you by enhancing your message. Using Wagner’s wedding march to illustrate the scene from Apocalypse Now in the video would for instance have confused the audience. Everybody would have been looking for the bride.

Do you use music to get your message across? If so, where and in what ways? Have you noticed how different types of music makes people do different things? Does music in a commercial sometimes put you off? Music gave Francis Coppola an Oscar. What can it do for you?

video: Seok Joyeop – You Tube

33 comments to How Wagner helped Francis Coppola succeed

  • Susan Oakes  says:

    Very true what you have written about the power of music Catarina. When I was in marketing I know that the advertising agency took particular care to select the right music for commercials and importantly made sure it was in line with the values of the brand and its positioning.
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  • catarinaalexon  says:

    Yes Susan, imagine the scene from Apocalypse Now with Wagner's bridal march played. It would have ruined it completely wouldn't it.

  • Gordon J Acker  says:

    Not only does music help in the presentation. It also helps us create. If you choose to listen to the wrong music while you are writing, the emotion you wish to create may come out differently in the words you choose. Listening to romantic music while you write a morbid crime scene, just may take off the hard edge you need.

  • catarinaalexon  says:

    Glad you agree with me about the profound power of music, Keyuri.

  • Sherryl Perry  says:

    Great post Catarina. Music does evoke emotions. Where would TV commercials be without those jingles? I expect music on commercials I don't expect or appreciate it on websites unless I have the option of starting it. The same thing applies to all audio on websites. If I click on something, that's fine but if I go to a site and something starts blaring at me, I'm usually clicking off that site as quickly as possible. I really appreciate silence.
    My recent post Google Panda and Website Load Times

    • catarinaalexon  says:

      Thank you Sherryl. Seems we agree on how to use music.

  • Jeannette Paladino  says:

    Life without music would be pretty intolerable for me. The clip you shared was a perfect example of using music to enhance the action (although not everyone would approve of the choice). By the way, The Wedding March from Lohengrin has become such a cliche that most brides in the U.S. don't use it any more. I can't remember the last wedding where I heard it. On the other hand, some of the alternate choices of music for the bride have, for me at least, set the wrong tone. Again, music does count so choose carefully.

  • Samantha Bangayan  says:

    So true, Catarina! I love movie soundtracks and am currently listening to snippets from Gladiator and Pearl Harbor — I always put these tracks on when it's time for me to focus and they certainly put me in the mood! Do you listen to certain music to keep you focused? I'd love recommendations! =)

    To go off on a tiny tangent here, I find that similar associations happen with fragrances. I think a lot of people underestimate the power of the olfactory system.
    My recent post Are You a Bystander

    • catarinaalexon  says:

      Yes I agree with you Samantha. Music has a powerful affect on us and puts us in the mood.

  • resumesurvislady  says:

    Music…..just talking about it makes me think of certain songs and memories they bring up. When I need to be in the "zone" at work I'll always bring out my iPod and have certain songs I'll listen to so I can focus. Music is extremely powerful!

  • catarinaalexon  says:

    Jeannette, is it mainly in New York that brides have stopped using the Wedding March from Lohengrin? Or does it apply to the whole of the United States?

    Interesting to note that you feel that the alternate choices set the wrong tone. We expect the Wedding March to be used, don't we?

  • catarinaalexon  says:

    Excellent discription of the power of music on our emotions, Jennifer.

  • aviewtoathrill  says:

    Great article! I agree….I think Mr. Coppola made a habit of choosing the right music for his movies. Take "The Outsiders", the opening credits was fantastic due largely to Carmine Coppola's music and Stevie Wonder's lyrics and voice for the song, Stay gold. It was a genius mix of wanting and the beauty of innocence. If the movie's song touches your soul, there is very little chance of forgetting either.
    My recent post The Inspired Traveler – 11 – Michael Schuermann

    • catarinaalexon  says:

      Thank you. No wonder Coppola got an Oscar for the music in Apolcalypse Now, is it.

  • Dennis Salvatier  says:

    Music is so important in almost anything. It adds depth and emotion. What a great example. I am a huge music nut, I listen to it everyday. And I see how my work is affected by it when I'm designing. It really makes a difference.

    • catarinaalexon  says:

      Yes Dennis, music really is important isn't it. It does have a profound impact on us. Glad your work is positively affected by music.

  • GuyW  says:

    Music sets the mood, adding another dimension to the movie, presentation, etc. However, it does need to be treated with care. Movie makers are generally very good with it; presentations, though, often suffer when it is used and, unless your presentation is scripted to the second, should purely be used beforehand to establish mood.

    Web sites with music that starts playing as soon as you enter them invariably cause me to close the page immediately. If you want music, allow your viewers to switch it on – it can be very disruptive to those nearby otherwise.

  • Janet Callaway  says:

    Catarina, aloha. What a terrific idea for a blog post. In all my time reading them, I have yet to see this topic addressed.

    You are so right, Catarina, music lifts us up, pulls us down, let us know of approaching danger and enhances our lives in oh-so-many ways.

    Your post inspires me to go find a piece of music which will be the centerpiece of a post. Thx so starting my thoughts in a new direction, Catarina.

    Best wishes for a great day. Aloha. Janet

    P.S. When I create my post, I will be sure to give you the hat tip for the music idea.

    • catarinaalexon  says:

      Glad you likeand got inspired by my idea Janet.

  • catarinaalexon  says:

    Glad we agree Jill.

    Isn't it amazing how the Nazis changed perception of symbols and music.

  • catarinaalexon  says:

    Thank you Devesh.

  • Jon  says:

    You know, I have to say that I normally think about using a sound piece without thinking about cultural perception of that piece. Except in obviously inappropriate usage, I'd just listen to a song and give it a "feel" for it being a suitable piece.

    Thanks for the eye-opener.

    My recent post Subliminal Manipulation- Are Advertisers Controlling You

  • catarinaalexon  says:

    So Bach is the name of the game for you Marcus:-). Personally, like Potemkin, I listen to music first thing in the morning. Good start to the day.

  • catarinaalexon  says:

    Yes Josh, music can benefit us in various ways, can't it.

  • AnnaAberg  says:

    You are so right! Just look at the immediate succéss with the tv serie Treme. They had a second season at the pilot mostly because of the music.

    I'll think more about the music in our next funnel.

    Thanks Catarina!

    • catarinaalexon  says:

      Glad you agree with me about the importance of music, Anna.

  • Susan P Cooper  says:

    Music has served as a catalyst for changes in it's form and it's message for many years. It still does that today. I understand how it also can be misused as it was with the Nazi's and Wagner.

    Coppola and all the great movie producers understood/understand the power music can bring to a movie and what it is they want it to convey, you're right without the movie would be pretty darn dull.

    I do use music in my podcast to start and to close. sometimes in the podcast themselves. My hope that it enhances it and make it a better or more pleasant experience for the listen. What are your thoughts? :-)
    My recent post Red White and Blue Delight: Recipe

    • catarinaalexon  says:

      Good idea of using music in your podcasts, Susan. Isn't it amazing how a movie would appear flat without music.

  • @patweber  says:

    Catarina I'm not sure how many brides would have known the relationship of the Wedding March to Nazi propoganda so I take exception with your critique of it in that sense. Certainly I believe if that is common knowledge, it wouldn't have been accepted.

    But there is absolutely no doubt to the power of music.

    How often does a little tune stay in your head and you hum it all day long?

    Music even has healing powers and I know that first hand from my husband's first open heart bypass surgery.

    You know I have NOT yet used music on my blog or website but it is for sure worth thinking about! Thanks as usual for an insightful post.
    My recent post Stress Releasing Tips in Call Center Employees

    • catarinaalexon  says:

      Yes Pat, the power of music is amazing, isn't it. Wonderful example of the healing power it had when your husband had heart bypass surgery. Once had a website done in Saudi Arabia and it started playing music when you clicked on it. Honestly found it annoying. And whenever I click on a website and it starts playing music I leave:-)

      As for the Wedding March. Why should we care about the fact that Hitler loved Wagner's music. It is beautiful regardless of that.

  • Geek Girl  says:

    Music can be a two-edged sword. It can be healing, like with Gabby Giffords and her recovery from being shot. It can be painful, like when it brings back bad memories associated with a song. It can be uplifting, like those singing hymns during worship. It can be annoying, like the song from a TV commercial you can't get out of your head. Music touches the mind in a way nothing else can. It is a fact that the brain processes music differently and that it crosses both right and left hemispheres. So music is a very effective tool in many ways.
    My recent post Is Your Phone Celebrating July 4 With You?

    • catarinaalexon  says:

      Glad you agree with me that mucic is an effective tool, Cheryl. You are so right that it brings out different emotions in us.

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