What’s this blog about?

The world today is irrevocably global. And we are so interconnected that what happens in one part of the world impacts the rest of us. For better or for worse.

Surrounded by Saudi women when I held a senior management position in Riyadh.
With Saudi women when I held a senior management position in Riyadh.

So what issues are important from an international point of view?

Have lived and worked in, or with, most countries in the world and hence developed a global way of thinking as opposed to national or regional.

My blog hence focus on international issues of importance to us all no matter where in the world we live.

Particular emphasis on business, current affairs, corporate communications, international relations, media, branding, business development and leadership. And – not to forget – strategic thinking and life in general.

The majority of readers of my blog are professionals with an interest in our global world. Catarina’s World is read in 99 countries.






2 thoughts on “What’s this blog about?

  1. Thank you for sharing. Yes,, with internet connection, we are all in a very closed word. Nowadays a person in NewYork can speak to a person in HongKong in seconds without any cost. So It is very interesting for a blog with an international content and we can share everything in no time.

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