White House Maker Faire – Will it inspire innovation?

“Joey Marshmallow” fired his cannon at The White House a couple of years ago. The Joeys of America are driving the next era of innovation in the US. The White House hence wants to encourage  them by holding its first Maker Faire. Will such events inspire more Joeys amongst students and entrepreneurs? Have fun for a minute by watching this video with Joey:

Forget what your opinion of President Obama is and just look at the event for what it is. A way of getting young US innovators to come forward. What kid would not, like Joey, want to shoot a marshmallow in The White House?

After Joey fired his cannon he handed Obama a business card reading “Don’t be bored, make something”.  That inspired the president and the result is a Maker Faire in The White House to inspire young innovators to haul their inventions into spotlight. The ultimate aim, naturally, is to grow a generation of students who are not just consumers but makers of things as well.

Innovation develops society

What would a country be like without innovation? Everything would be at a standstill and progress halted. It’s hence lamentable that young innovators are often discouraged by people around them. President Obamas idea of holding a Maker Faire in The White House could have a positive impact on encouraging innovative youngsters. It could be a signal to them to believe in their ideas and not give up when discouraged. The possibility of showing what they have made in The White House is certain to be a carrot for many creative young people.

Do you believe it’s a good idea to hold a Maker Faire in The White House? Will it encourage young innovators to come forward? Could it have a positive impact on fostering a generation of makers and not just consumers? Would it be a good idea for other heads of states to hold similar events to encourage innovation? Or do you believe it’s a silly idea that will not have any impact on young, innovative Americans?

Video: The White House – You Tube

31 thoughts on “White House Maker Faire – Will it inspire innovation?

  1. There's an expression we used to use when I was in sales, "When you stop getting better, you stop being good." I'm sure it is traceable to someone. My point is, the world needs innovators like Joey. Now if our US public school system would somehow get behind this instead of teaching to pass a test, we might really have something. Maybe the POTUS will inspire things.

  2. One of my favorite videos about education points out that if you give a little kid a paperclip and ask them what it can be used for, they will come up with many possibilities. By the time most of us reach adulthood, that innate playfulness and desire largely gets driving out of us. Anything that can be done to get students to innovate is well worth the time and effort. More schools would be well-served to use project-driven curriculum, but assessing such work isn't as clear cut as standardized tests.
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    1. Glad you love it, Doreen. The king of Sweden should also hold a maker faire but I'm not sure that's in the cards. Prince Charles in the UK, however, I think will follow suit. He may actually already have done something similar.

  3. I think this is a great idea! Encourage innovation while visiting the White House – 2 great things for kids. Your politics don't matter for things like these, the kids are what matters. They are our future. These events can only help inspire the future.
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  4. I think this is a fabulous idea to host a Maker Faire for you innovators. The way of the future is through entrepreneurship and of course innovation. What is there not to like about this?
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  5. I absolutely love the idea. As a former school teacher, it really resonates with me. Anytime we can showcase any innovation that a kid has created in a positive and public way is a good thing. I do believe it can encourage these young minds to go for it. Thru this kind of encouragement, who knows what can come from it, and how it could potentially improve our lives in a very meaningful way in the future. 🙂
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    1. Joey for president, love that statement, Leora. Young innovators need to be encouraged no matter what area. Sure STEM fields are important but not all youngsters are competent in those fields:-)

  6. I love the idea of the president hosting a faire for young innovators. It sends all of the right messages about the importance of having an enquiring mind. As our schools have less and less to spend on science fairs and even interesting science projects, every ounce of encouragement counts. Here in Canada our government scientists have been feeling increasingly under siege, so the idea of our PM actually encouraging young people to think independently and come up with new ideas is very, very appealing.
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    1. Glad, but not surprised, that you are positive to Obamas initiative, Debra. Heads of states world-wide should follow suit. Would love to see the king of Sweden holding such a maker faire. Actually, I would not be surprised if Prince Charles in the UK holds one. He has taken a lot of commendable initiatives to encourage Britions.

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