Can you control your brand online?

Today your brand will be shared by customers making videos, starting Facebook groups and sending a multitude of tweets. Devote 3 minutes to watching Unilever SVP of Marketing Marc Mathieu talk about how the digital age has shifted marketing from creating myths to finding and sharing truth:

A marketer has to think fundamentally different in our digital world. Branding is not what it used to be, mainly because it’s not all being done by purchased advertising in traditional media. How you go about branding has to adapt to a world where consumers have a say and let the world know what they think.

What’s role does today’s marketer play in shaping a brand?

Marketing used to be about telling a myth and spreading it. Today it’s about telling the truth and sharing it, according to Marc Mathieu...

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Could your visual presentations be better?

Are there more efficient ways of getting your message across? Could you increase clarity and have more impact? Devote three minutes to watching Nancy Duarte, CEO of Silicon Valley’s largest design company Duarte, give you some suggestions:

Do you normally just put together some slides for a powerpoint presentation and are certain you will get your message across effectively? According to Nancy that usually doesn’t do the trick.

All audiences are different

What works for one group may not work for another. It’s essential to obsess about what kind of people will be listening to you and come up with stories and ways to make a heart to heart connection with them. Ask yourself what the main message you want to get across to them is...

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Renaissance for Muslim women?

Women in Muslim countries have in a decade achieved what took fifty years in the US. Watch this really short video with Saadia Zahidi, Senior Director of The World Economic Forum, about how during the last ten years 40 million more women have started careers

What Saadia Zahidi says in the video speaks for itself.

Her statement that probably surprised most of you is that the percentage of women that study at universities is higher in Saudi Arabia than in China, India and Brazil. Are you aware that there are 800 million Muslim women in the world? That’s more than the combined population of Brazil, Russia and the United States. And they are swiftly, compared to how long it took us in the West, starting to work.

Many women in the Muslim world want to be part of the economy, work and contribu...

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External directors boost startups

Why do so many people think having a board applies to public companies only? Having one is actually more important for a startup. External directors could be the difference between make or break for a new company. Read More

Are leaders told the whole truth?

The truth is hard to find, not least if you are in charge. Your colleagues will frequently, whether they are conscious about it or not, give you the answer they believe you want. Read More

Are you innovating on a continuous basis?

Nowadays the market is rapidly changing and a business has to adapt or die. Or better be a leading player who determines what change take place in their market. If you haven’t yet developed a culture of innovation, it’s high time you do.Read More

Are night owls more intelligent than early birds?

Loved it when I came across research indicating that might be the case. Am tired of hearing about the benefits of getting up at the crack of dawn. Read More

What do you know about economic growth in Nigeria?

Not much? Then you will find it interesting to listen to this short video where the renowned economist Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s finance minister, explains how to keep their high growth and make it sustainable:

Addressing fields such as technology, agriculture and infrastructure is fundamental to achieving sustainable growth not only in Africa but the developing world as a whole. To some extent it actually applies to the West as well.

What’s driving growth in Nigeria?

Nigeria has a two track story, according to Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. The least familiar track is the one of opportunity that exists because Nigeria has grown at a rate of 7% per year during the last decade. It’s the largest economy in Africa and likely to continue to grow about 6% per annum.

Rising middle class

With thei...

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Do you buy Fair Trade Products?

What percentage of consumers are happy to pay a higher price for Fair Trade products? Watch a short video with Jens Haninmueller, Associate Professor of Political Economy at Stanford who has researched the subject: 

Are consumers actually seeking out Fair Trade products? The Stanford  researchers  found that sales in US grocery stores increased by 10% when a product had the Fair Trade certified label on it. Even when the price was raised on the product sales continued to grow. But it was only true for one type of fair trade certified coffee tested.

For the less expensive coffee sales actually decreased dramatically. The researchers hence believe there are two segments in the market...

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Rising inequality – the main risk facing the world?

Sounds like some socialists voicing their discontent, doesn’t it. But it’s what world leaders are telling The World Economic Forum. The Economist‘s economics editor, Zanny Minton Beddoes, is of the same opinion. In this short video she explains why rising inequality around the world is rapidly becoming a major headache:

Considering that we last week looked at how to raise productivity and equality, it’s propitious to re-publish this post about inequality. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2013 Report highlights wealth gaps (severe income disparity) as a bigger problem than unsustainable government debt in a survey with over 1,000 leaders...

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