Do you like Harvard’s new approach to leadership?

Harvard, leadership, Bill George, team work

Leadership in the 21st century has changed. In less than a minute Bill George, Faculty Chair, Authentic Leadership Development at Harvard tells you how: What Bill George has to say speaks for itself. He is very clear on how he and his faculty at Harvard believe leadership is currently changing. Do you agree that leadership has […]

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Would you survive a scandal?

survive, scandal, US politics, Bill Clinton, Gary Heart, presidential elections 2016,

Not sure? US politicians know what to do. Watch Richard L. Berke of The New York Times talk about what happened to Bill Clinton, Gary Hart, Newt Gingrich and others: The video speaks for itself and is entertaining as well. For almost 30 years Richard has observed how different US politicians managed to handle scandals […]

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Will more investors opt for impact investment?

impact investment

Socially responsible investing is obviously optimal. But despite its potential only a small fraction of capital is being used to balance social, environmental and economic impact. Watch the short video from The World Economic Forum on how to make impact investing widespread: Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make investments that both get a high […]

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Get the energy to succeed!

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You can’t hide lack of energy and motivation since it’s evident from how you carry yourself. Sit down somewhere and watch people walking and you will quickly notice whose got what it takes and who hasn’t. How are you going to be able to move forward and create new beginnings if you don’t have it? Who would hire or do business with someone without the drive and energy to succeed?

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Are you a great leader?

Harvard leader II

Have you got what it takes to be a successful leader? Do you have impact and influence to achieve your career ambitions in today’s competitive environment? Devote 16 minutes to watch Harvard Business School’s Linda Hill and executive Kent Lineback ‘s advice and insight which will enable you to assess yourself

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Holiday Reading: Will JFK & Jackie always be icons?

JFK, John F. Kennedy, Jackie, Jackie O, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis

The release of what Jackie Kennedy recorded on tape 47 years ago became headline news all over the world . Seems that people are always going to be fascinated about the Kennedys and the mystery surrounding them.

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CSR & Sustainability – capitalism at its best


Want to kill two birds with one stone? Then you should aim for CSR (corporate social responsibility) and sustainable development. Not only does it enable you to make positive contributions to society and our environment, it makes money for you as well.

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Are you a disruptive innovator?

disruptive innovator

If you are a start-up challenging an industry giant, that’s the way to succeed. Watch this short video outlining Harvard Professor Clay Christensen’s landmark theory: The video speaks for itself. Or as one commenter put it: “Fantastic HBR explanation on the strategies that small companies use to disrupt larger companies. For large companies to fight back, they […]

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Do you agree with Harvard about the worst mistakes leaders make?

Harvard Leader

Seems that the fact that leaders are human beings and hence not perfect has been forgotten. Harvard discussed the worst mistakes leaders make.

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