Are we moving from mass consumption to the wants of individuals?


It looks like a historic transition in capitalism is unfolding as a result of products like the iPod. The world is constantly changing and I believe we are at the beginning of a new era which will fundamentally change the way we consume. New demands are created that most existing companies cannot meet.

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How do you make your strategy succeed?


Complicated strategies often fail. Watch this short video with Donald Sull, London Business School professor, telling Harvard how by asking three questions you can break down complex strategies into simple steps that make a difference: Strategies are important. But sometimes even great strategies have absolutely no impact on an organisation. And unfortunately the problem is […]

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Do you know how to communicate to harvest ideas?

The ideas floating around in your organisation are opportunities to develop and innovate. By listening to everyone your chances of innovating from within are unlocked.

Apple, 3M and Google are prime examples of companies reaping the benefits of ideas generated by someone in their organisation. However, far too many companies still fail to benefit from the ideas of their staff. So how do you get colleagues to come forward with ideas they have for any area of the company?

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What makes you follow a leader?


There are a lot of bad leaders in this world. So what makes people follow a leader? Maybe Gareth Jones, London Business School fellow, has the answer? Watch this short Harvard video with him outlining what gives leaders loyal followers: The current lack of fait in leaders is lamentable. Gareth Jones is absolutely right when he […]

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Do you agree with Joseph Stiglitz that inequality is a threat to growth and stability?

Joseph Stiglitz

China recognises the danger of inequality while in the West politicians are silently implementing policies that increase the gap between rich and poor. Watch Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz discuss the pheonomena with Vanity Fair Contributing editor, William Cohan: Interesting video, isn’t it. Above all how China and the U.S. are responding to the […]

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Crisis management – can you handle it?

crisis management

The multitude of crisis management strategies do give the impression it’s almost impossible to manage disaster when it hits you. And the fact that huge companies like BP fail, contribute to making companies feel they are not up to the task. Of course they are.

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What’s your strategy?

michael porter

Before you answer the question, you may benefit from watching  “What is Strategy?”, a short video with Harvard professor Michael Porter: Interesting video, isn’t it. After watching it, can you now  distinguish between operational effectiveness and strategy? You can read more on Michael Parter’s view on the subject in Harvard Business Review’s article “What is strategy?” […]

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Is evil a fashionable and convenient label?


Evil became a fashionable word in the West after 9/11. Until then it was regarded as an old fashioned religious way of simplifying reasons behind events we disapproved of, instead of intellectually explain why and how they could happen. Oversimplifying and implying that you are either “with or against God” led to statements like “you […]

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How do digital companies succeed?

Wouldn't it be great to have a successful digital company like Airbnb?

Want a successful digital company? Then McKinsey‘s Kate Smaje has advice on how you need to work. Find out the secrets of going digital and what you need to think about: Needless to say you have to get the basics right such as having a product/service that the market wants, timing and so forth. Apart […]

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