Is the economy complex and evolving?

Brian Arthur, World Economic Forum,

The economic meltdown in 2008 has made it essential to change the way we look at economics. In this short video Brian Arthur explains the inner workings of the complex system: When we study economics we are taught that the markets are perfect and correct themselves. But that approach proved to be wrong when Lehman Brothers […]

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Will future leaders have to expand their thinking?

leadership, management, future, innovation

Ever thought about what management will be like in the future? Former McKinsey director Stefan Heck and director Matt Rogers have. In this short video they discuss what leaders need to know in order to think in new ways about products, services, and technologies: In the future leaders will need to be aware of things […]

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Tough times never last – But tough people do

tough times never last but tough people do, Winston S. Churchill

A multitude of people are going through a tough time at the moment. When feeling hopeless, it’s important to remember that what’s not possible today may be possible tomorrow. Winston Churchill understood that nothing is impossible – the impossible only takes longer. He rallied the British people behind him, they went through hardship together but […]

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How can foreign businesses succeed in China?

China, business, success,

Western companies having problems in China is a popular topic in media. But some foreign businesses actually thrive there. Watch this short Stanford video with Gary Locke, U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, about how foreign businesses can succeed: According to Ambassador Locke, “one way is to find a Chinese partner and build your business […]

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Do you know how to succeed globally?

succeed globally, China, export

Whatever your feelings about the Chinese, you have to give them credit for swiftly becoming a global power. So what made them so successful? Watch this short video about the strategies that worked for them: If you are already an exporter you will most likely notice that their mode of operating is no different from […]

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Would you like a Golden Ticket at Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs, Catarina's World, investment banking

Are you still interested in making a fortune in investment banking? Preferably at Goldman? Here’s a tutorial created by 5 bankers advising you how to get hired: Are you after the watching the video up to the challenge of convincing Goldman Sachs to hire you? Would they consider you part of the inner circle? Is […]

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The best way to predict the future is to invent it!

future, invent, predict

What does your vision of the future look like? When you make colleagues travel with you, will they be able to visualize it and make an effort to achieve it?

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Do you drive leadership through ambidexterity?

ambidexterity, Harvard, Richard Branson

Get the flexibility to take initiatives, innovate at all levels and at the same time thrive at what you are already good at. Sounds too good to be true? Bruce Harreld, Faculty Chair at Harvard, is all for that way of operating. He will tell you why in this really short video: Simply put it’s […]

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How do you communicate with your audience?

communicate, audience, visual presentation, Stanford,

Do you get them enthusiastic and want to know more? J.D. Schramm, Lecturer at Stanford has advice on how to succeed in this short video: The video speaks for itself and have a lot of useful tips you can use in order to differentiate your message depending on your audience. Why do leaders need to […]

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How do you respond to risks?

risk, harvard kennedy school of management, world economic forum

The majority of people either panic or ignore the possibility that a crisis is developing. But that needs to change, unless we want doomsday scenarios to manifest in the future. Watch this really interesting short video with David J. Ellwood, Dean of Harvard Kennedy School of Government, talking to The World Economic Forum about redesigning […]

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