Is evil a fashionable and convenient label?


Evil became a fashionable word in the West after 9/11. Until then it was regarded as an old fashioned religious way of simplifying reasons behind events we disapproved of, instead of intellectually explain why and how they could happen. Oversimplifying and implying that you are either “with or against God” led to statements like “you […]

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How do digital companies succeed?

Wouldn't it be great to have a successful digital company like Airbnb?

Want a successful digital company? Then McKinsey‘s Kate Smaje has advice on how you need to work. Find out the secrets of going digital and what you need to think about: Needless to say you have to get the basics right such as having a product/service that the market wants, timing and so forth. Apart […]

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Are you a thought leader?

It’s more important than ever to be a thought leader in your area of business. Devote 3 minutes to listen to Denise Brosseau telling Stanford University some easy steps you can take to enhance your reputation: A thought leader doesn’t just talk but acts. And show others what to do. Thought leadership actually can come […]

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Ever heard of emerging generosity?

emerging generosity

Yes, that’s right, wealthy donors from developing countries, notably China and India. They are increasingly giving, donating, caring and sympathizing. Not, as some of you may think, just sell and take. And it’s not only a new phenomena. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have actually been quiet donors for decades. Global philanthropy And they […]

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Would you, like George Clooney, trade places with Richard Branson?


Have you got what it takes to go your own way as an entrepreneur, build up your company and succeed? Or do you know anyone who has? How many CEOs do you know that employ people they cannot control that have a mind of their own? Could you turn yourself into a live advertisement? What new and interesting fields have you found where you could become a new Richard Branson? Or maybe you have a better concept for succeeding than he has? Are you, after reading Richard Branson’s advice, ready to trade places with him? Or will you opt for a less challenging way of succeeding?

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How Wagner helped Francis Coppola succeed

apocalypse now

The power of music is immense, to put it mildly. And it has been used and abused throughout history. Music gave Francis Coppola an Oscar. What can it do for you?

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Vanity boosting prosperity and biodiversity?


The combination of the rapidly expanding global fashion and beauty industry and the internet is providing opportunities for developing countries. It enables them to use their creative talents and cultural heritages to create jobs and sell products that are environmentally responsible

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Do you thrive in the social era?

Are you, or want to be, a game changer? Do you use the power of your ideas and connections to grow and change? Watch Nilofer Merchant, strategist and author,” in one minute tell Harvard how the way we do business is changing: We don’t  create value on our own but when we connect with other entities, people […]

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