Do you thrive in the social era?

Are you, or want to be, a game changer? Do you use the power of your ideas and connections to grow and change? Watch Nilofer Merchant, strategist and author,” in one minute tell Harvard how the way we do business is changing:

We don’t  create value on our own but when we connect with other entities, people and ideas. People who master  networking will be thriving in the social era.

The power of networks

How many networks do you belong to on and offline? Admittedly far from all networks are useful. They have to consist of people with shared interests and goals in order to produce returns and serve our needs.

Linkedin is the onlinr network that works best for me.

Linkedin is the online network that works best for me.

Unfortunately there are plenty of networks consisting of individuals who just talk and seem to be stuck on the same treadmill...

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Branding for success in our global world!

Everything and everyone is a product. A country, a city, a company, a product, a service a person – yes you and me included. And how the market perceives the product determines its value. Read More

Do you test your hypotheses?

No matter how smart we are, as entrepreneurs what we have on day one is a faith based enterprise. Devote one minute and forty two seconds to hear what Steve Blank, serial entrepreneur and Stanford consulting professor, has to say about swiftly turning your vision into a sustainable business model:

Startups are, to quote Blank, religious enterprises. Catch is 95% of the time entrepreneurial visions are hallucinations. And as we all know, entrepreneurial minds are prone to have ideas the world is not yet ready for. It’s hence of essence to make sure we are not ahead of time. Or simply have an idea the market does not want.

So how do entrepreneurs swiftly find out if they are hallucinating?

Steve Blank’s suggestion is to break down the vision into a business model...

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Would you read an article about yourself?

What’s the main interest of a customer? Or let me re-phrase the question. What’s your main interest? You know the answer. Yourself. Sounds terrible I know, but all human beings have an interest in what happens in their lives. Be honest, so do you. That doesn’t mean that you are selfish. What would your life be like today if you hadn’t taken an interest in it? No need to say more, is there.Read More

Should leaders be empathetic or firm?

Emphatic leaders are in high demand in the US. In the Nordic countries however, where empathy is an aspect of leadership, the debate is instead if leaders have become to compassionate. Read More

Do you find time for strategic thinking?

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was adviced by Bill Clinton to schedule time to think strategically on a regular basis. Watch this short video of him talking to Garth Saloner, Dean of Stanford Graduate School of Business, about Clinton’s advice:

Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Catarina Alexon, Catarina's World

Do you think Clinton’s advice to Tony Blair was good?

What Tony Blair has to say applies to all of us, no matter what we are doing. Not least when we run our own businesses. It’s easy to devote all our time to dealing with day to day business and forget about how to reach our goals.

Have events taken over your life?

If so, you are not alone. Apparently most people in high positions spend less than 5% of their time dealing with their priorities. Above all we lose our grip on strategies when dealing with a crisis.

Have personally almost ...

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Are you into diagnostic thinking?

Rushing to action can be fatal. It only takes 46 seconds for Harvard Business School professor Ranjay Gulati to tell you why:

The professor has seen firsthand what happens when professionals jump to conclusions and rush to action.

Successful leaders frequently are into diagnostic thinking i.e. when they look at a problem they don’t go straight from problem to solution.

Three steps

Astute leaders, and all human beings for that matter, ideally diagnose before deciding on a cure. That makes it three steps; problem, diagnose and then solution. Professor Gulati is right when he says that it sounds obvious. But unfortunately it’s so common to focus on swift action nowadays many people jump the gun and rapidly implement a solution, for better or for worse.

Ranjay Gulati, Harvard, Catarina Alexon, Catarina's World

Honestly, do you always diagnose befor...

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Inventories can be managed – people should be led

Being a leader is different from being a boss and Jack Welch is right when he says that natural leaders are born and then develop by learning. IQ and energy we are born with. And energy is exactly what gives a person the charisma and charm that are key traits of a natural leader that people follow without even realizing it. Read More

Are you a strategic leader?

If not, maybe you would like to be? Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Jesper B. Sørensen says strategic leadership can be learnt. Listen to him outlining how to become strategic and how it enables you to turn an idea into a sustainable business:

An outstanding innovation is not enough. If you don’t have a strategy you easily get lost in the crowd and fail. If you are strategic you can however differentiate yourself from your competition.

Strategy is an ongoing process and a crucial part of what leadership is about. Every time you make a decision you are actually into strategy. Even when it comes to basics like how to allocate your resources. But for some reason a lot of people don’t realize that even simple decisions like that are strategy.

Demystifying strategy

A lot of pe...

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Do you know how to leverage your skills?

We are moving into the era of entrepreneurship and consulting. To recognize your transferable skills and determine how you can apply them to another area is hence crucial. Listen to Jody Greenstone Miller, Founder and CEO of Business Talent Group explain to Stanford how to make a career pivot

Technology and robots are taking over more and more jobs.  Even for qualified executives employment is becoming a thing of the past. Enter entrepreneurs and consultants. Freelancers are increasing and online companies offering services are transforming the  job market. You can practically order any service you need on the internet. Even a taxi through Uber. We are moving from full time to temporary employment. In the United States 53 million people i.e...

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